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Me? There's not too much about me to tell. I live in Kentucky, where the grass is blue, the sky is a bland shade of grey, and there's not much one can do with one's self. I am a very religious person. But don't worry. I'm not the crazy type who will try to force it on you. I'm a conservative libertarian, a constitutionalist, and a bit of a conspiracy nut. I love science. I'm taking three science courses this year, my junior year. I want to be doctor, for reasons I won't tell you about. I'm known to make promises I can't keep and I generally can't say no, especially to pretty girls. Who said chivalry was dead? I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic. I fall in love with the idea of being in love.

And thats about it.

*I made a back story for my avatar.... Because I was bored*

Shinji Kyuunin, famed military scientist and ladies man. He was working on a weapon for the military. This weapon was designed to dry up all bodies of water in enemy territory. But while testing the weapon something went horribly wrong. It had been tampered with and back fired, evaporating all the water in the area. Including the water in Shinji's body! Miraculously, Shinji survived, with the help of another one of his inventions, the Hydrator. But Shinji could not be restored to his former self. Scarred and ruined, Shinji took his technology and hid away. Wearing a mask on the rare occasions he steps out in public, due to his hideous form. He now wishes to restore his body. His experiments to do so would seem... Strange to the average person. Some would say that he's even gone a bit.... Mad! But he knows what he must do. He must restore his body and find those who tampered with his technology. The ones who made him the monster he is today!


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Wonderlandesque Report | 11/14/2010 3:43 pm
Hurrrrrrrrrrr~ :3
Horizon Event Report | 06/20/2010 9:00 am
Horizon Event
Woo-lu-lu! Woo-lu-lu!
Beast Henshin Report | 06/18/2010 4:34 pm
Beast Henshin
Beast Henshin Report | 06/18/2010 2:24 pm
Beast Henshin
cool avi
Saiyuri Of The Ink Report | 06/07/2010 5:39 pm
Saiyuri Of The Ink
Hello! I hope you don't mind me being, what some people term, a "creeper". Nevertheless, I was browsing other Yu Yu Hakusho fans and it is nice to meet another person who is into it. And someone who is old fashioned from this generation of ours. Hah, I know the hopeless romantic type of feeling, I really love the movie Moulin Rouge, if you are into musicals, it has that romantic feel!
Anyways, hope you didn't mind me dropping by!~
Bacardi Blossom Report | 11/24/2009 6:07 pm
Bacardi Blossom
FOUND YOU! mrgreen
Beast Henshin Report | 09/07/2009 6:22 pm
Beast Henshin
prolly do, lol.

Although I wouldn't know the forum for that XD
Beast Henshin Report | 09/07/2009 6:16 pm
Beast Henshin
ya know, if you want more gold, you could post in teh forumz
Beast Henshin Report | 09/07/2009 6:04 pm
Beast Henshin
It is SUCH a tank top
Beast Henshin Report | 09/07/2009 3:08 pm
Beast Henshin
It's like a tank top blaugh



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