leesh is my best friend 4laugh

so there's this girl, her name is alicia. she's my biff. (best friend foreves). we're long lost sista'ssss oh yeah. we aren't cliche homies. we're the real deal. just chillin' all day, erryday. n___n
my l8dy she's super fly, that's why she's my wife. you know how beyonce says it 'If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.' duh. didn't need no celebrity to tell me to put a ring on it. ;) partners in crime {even though there's no crime really.} we're like super broski's. not even like, we ARE broski's. too bad she lives far away and i live like 23109213 miles away. ): if i actually ran my miles in school, i'd probably be enough shape to run day and night to reach her. too bad i don't so i suppose we're outta luck. o: darn.
anyways she's the wife, making sandwiches for me, while i'm the hubby building tree houses in the back and doing all the hardcore work while she's all dandy inside the house screaming through the window ' ey! you want some pickles and mustard in yo' sandwich or .. ?' yeah. that's my lovely wife. i love her! lol well this imaginary stuff can keep going on but basically she's my best friend. :') couldn't ask for a better one. :D
the song i put on my page is super legit. 9th wonder is dope. plus this song is kinda relevant, except for mur singing, it's me in my chickie voice and in my p.o.v.

if you're reading this alicia, you duh best gurl. we're extra crispy hot pb&j. ok. n_____n i luhhhhh you.
i didn't write this very well because idk. oh well. moving on. :p