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Just some poetry I wrote while relaxing



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I never have any idea what to put on these things, I mean if you put too little people give you crap and if you put too much people give you crap. Its ridiculous, so I am going to write just a small bit about who I am. First off, I am a simple speck of dust in the ever growing universe and am happy to be along for the ride. Secondly, I am kind of awkward and goofy at times, but I am a really friendly person when you get to know me. Pretty avid gamer and I love all consoles, and I never pass on a chance to go do some table top gaming. Yet I love sports and football. I am the weirdo who loves The Doctor and the Super Bowl. If any of this interests you then by all means shoot me a message. I don't bite normally....unless asked otherwise biggrin


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