gaia_nitemareleft Hey I'm SinRAi please either call me Sin or RAi. I live in USA. If you want to know more, add me. I don't bite...too much cat_4laugh 4laugh
Oh and feel free to read all the quotes, yes most are sad but don't let that fool you about me... I love my life and sure its hard but I don't plan on giving up. gaia_nitemareright




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They keep saying the "right one will come along"
Well I think the "right truck" came by
and ran my "right one" over


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I don't bite...Too much...

We can make any choice we want,
either way,
the consequences are predtermined.
We can't change our fate,
no matter how much we want to.

How can forgiveness come in
when hate has locked the door?

I awake every morning expecting
nothing good from the day
and I am seldom disappointed

If death was a woman
she would be too beautiful
to put into words

I sometimes feel so empty
and useless that
even death won't take me.

Will they ever come back to us,
or be lost in the memory's dust?

Sometimes love is too strong
to understand.

I often wonder if suicide
is the coward's way out of
somewhere he doesn't belong
or a hero's way into
somewhere he does.

Sometimes I just wish that
I could literally sleep forever.
Not die; but just sleeping
For a very long time.
Because sometimes my
Dreams and fantasies are
Better than reality...

Pretending has become my greatest lie.

Yes, words do hurt...
But its the thoughts that kill.

I didn't know it would be this easy.
I guess I foolishly thought I was special.
at least now I know,
exactly how replaceable I am.

Leaving is easy,
it's everything else that's so hard.

Everyone has their weak spot.
one thing that,despite your best efforts,
will always bring u to ur knees regardless
of how strong u are otherwise

Its a lot easier to be lost than found.
It's the reason we're always searching
and rarely discovered
so many locks not enough keys.

It was a fairytale
that was never ment to be

Maybe you could do better,
or maybe you could see..
Yourself in a life without a
picture of me.

I feel like nothing
can save me,
it's something
I just can't undo.

It's funny
how we appear to have pride
when we're dying inside.

We don't remember days, only moments.

It's sad
when you get hurt so often
that you say "It's fine, I'm used to it."

One day I'm just going to answer,
"No, actually I'm not okay."
and no one's going to know what to do.

Eventually she just, gave up on everything

What do we do when
our hearts split in two...
and the tears just won't come?

The saddest people
have the most beautiful smile. . .
The hard part
is getting past the fake one.

Your smile is the best lie you've ever told.

Sometimes i want to disappear
and see at least
if someone will miss me

When its this painful,
theres no doubt that its real.

I never wanted an ending when i barely even had a beginning

I think a part of me will always be waiting for you

I lied when I said it didn't hurt.

I wanted you to fight for me.
I just, I wanted
to be someone
worth fighting for..

I'm empty,
I'm cold
and my hearts about to break
...come and find me.

Don't fall into the trap
of pretending everything's fine
when you know it isn't.

You can act like there's nothing wrong,
but you can never fool yourself
that there is.

Silent tears always speak...

“I love you”
doesn’t really mean that I want you to be mine.
In fact, it’s another way of saying,
“I’m happy to see you happy
with someone new even if it’s killing me.”
So I guess I love you

A guy said to a girl,
“You’re nice. The guy you love is lucky.”
Then after a while, he showed her a picture,
“She’s my girl.” And the girl said,
“You know what? She’s luckier cause
the guy I love loves her.”

Don’t look at me and say goodbye.
Don’t whisper words to make me cry.
Just walk away if you have to go.
You will break my heart
but I promise I would never let you know.

A man realized he wanted his love back.
The girl said no.
The man cried to God,
“If it was meant to be, why did I lose her?”
God replied,
“You didn’t lose her, you let her go.”

For all sad words of tongue and pen,
The saddest are these, 'It might have been'.

People think she's so strong...
because she [pretends] nothing is wrong

Sometimes you have to hold your head up high,
blink away the tears, and say good-bye.

For all sad words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are these,
It might have been.

The hardest part in life
is trying to show the smile
you know is fake and to hide
the tears that won’t stop.

People think she’s so strong
…because she pretends nothing is wrong.

I don’t run away
I walk away slowly
and it kills me to know you don’t care
enough to follow me.

Sometimes the hardest thing you have to do
is the best thing for you

The alone may be lonely
but at least they have
no one to lose.

I want to run
but only far enough
to make you miss me.

Its not the sadness or being scared
that is hard in being lonely..
but to accept that in no one
in the billions of people
in the world
fought just to be with you

You think i am so tough
but i just never let
you see me cry.

Smile even at the worst moments of life.

Forget perfect I’m trying not to be worthless.

I get it;
I’m not worth fighting for.

Did I make it that easy
to walk right in and out of my life?

The strongest girl
is the one who’s
able to smile and laugh,
no matter how much she’s cried
or how much pain she’s in.

People change and things go wrong
…but just remember life goes on.

People don’t cry because they are weak,
they cry because they have been
strong for too long.

How many tears have to fall before you realize I’m crying?

Under my smile there are lies
and under those lies is the truth

To dare to live alone
is the rarest of courage:
since there are many who would rather
meet their bitterest enemy in the field,
than their own hearts in the closet

The hardest things to let go
of are the things
you never really had.

No one cares
unless you're pretty
or dying...

You're worth it.
But am I worth it to you?

I walked away
not to make you feel bad
or to follow me;
but so that I could suffer alone

"I cannot be lost,
Because I've never been found"

Life is a river,
one day you will drown .