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      Hello! Welcome to my page. Let me guess? You want to get to know me right? Well, good. You may read lol

      I go by Sin or you may also call me Lynx. I am over 21, bisexual and taken. I have a job but I do not go to school. I have gone through a lot in my life so if you need an ear I am here. There’s not much going on with my life now. I am finally living a life I been wanting and I am finally happy about that.

      Please note that since I now live a busy life I hardly have time for Gaia and I'm on here when I can ^^

      Things I enjoy: Reading, Writing, hanging out with my friends, outdoors things (skiing, fishing, camping etc), Pokemon, Anime, video games and much more. If you're interested in getting to know me. Send me a message or comment. Byes =D

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Good Friends

Chillaxasaurus: We have gone through a lot as friends. You know my secrets and know me pretty well too. Even tho we hardly ever talk you're always my friend smile And I hope I can get to know you a lot better then before <3

Neko & Sparkles: You both are together because I met you two in my first charity I made and even tho I was a pain in the butt and kept closing it! You still stuck by my charities over and over again and I'm really thankful for that! I'm also glad to be Nintendo buddies cause you're awesome! And thanks so much for every donation you gave me at random :') I appreciate it so much girls <3

ACE] Only male on here I consider a friend. ou understand me and you help me out so much! I'm so grateful to you and I'm so happy I met you hon!

I'm so happy I met all of you! You're amazing friends! I'm sorry I don't talk to you guys much but please never think you aren't friends to me cause you really are! Thanks so much for putting up with my random hiatus' you guys are awesome people!!


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