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Uh oh i ******** up again

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If you enjoy the artwork feel free to help me out!



What I dislike are:
-Overly obsessed fans of Twilight, Naruto, Etc
I can simply put "Everything" here and it should suffice.

You have come here no doubt to learn about me. I have survived for 27 years My past is a horrible one full of lessons and pain. All that I have learned from the past has made me to what I am now. My personality depends on the situation and how I feel. My attitude generally states that I do not care about anything. Because of this attitude I've been called an a*****e. I am very straight forward, very blunt, and very honest. My past experiences plus my intelligence give me the ability to assist those in need. I have a parental nature and I am very protective. I am a very loyal friend and if you earn my trust and respect, then I will defend you until I die.

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My Sonas
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A Few various examples:

Sinister Confessions

message me anytime. if im afk in towns message me<3