I am just a simple person who loves making friends
Who others say is energetic, My hobbies are:
I love playing video/computer games,
I love playing soccer.
I love playing skateboard and waveboard, i guess i do love boards.
I like basketball but i don't play cause i am a short person, yeah sorry i am around 4'10 ft
I love eating cause i don't get fat
by naturally recurring my state characterized by reduced or absent consciousness,
relatively suspending my sensory activity, and inactivity of nearly all my voluntary muscles or sleep is my Favorite Hobby.
I sing and play drums.
i don't know guitar yet but i shall learn thy guitar.
I love stars, constellations, and everything that involves stars. I love watching how the stars flicker and form constellations above the sky.
I love kids/children they are just so adorable c:
I'm not good with crowded places. I am a cat person :3.
okay i should also tell you what i hate cause i told you almost all of my likes.
I dislike prejudice people. that's all ahh include snakes ;c
well if you want to know me more you can ask me.