NB! The story of my three fan-senshi - Sailor Dione, Sailor Pandora and Sailor Enceladus - takes place in an alternate universe where Sailor Pluto is married to Tiger's Eye and they have three (or was it four?) children. The story is usually followed manga-verse, however, there may be exceptions.

Also, this backstory is now under construction.

Hey there! I don't think we've met before. I'm Airi Meioh(冥王 藍梨), a 15-year-old orphan-girl living in Tokyo, Japan. I have a... complicated family that consists of my mentor-slash-step-niece Hotaru Tomoe, my cousin Katsumi Rie Tomoe - we call her Katari - , my twin-sister Ran Daiyu Mei'oh, my step-sister Setsuna Mei'oh Tiger and her husband (my brother-in-law) and my nieces and nephew - and I think I have more siblings somewhere... but I don't know them that well. I used to live in Winnsboro, Louisiana, but then, after careful thought, decided to move in with my twin-sis and the rest o' em in Japan.
To tell you the truth, I am secretly a Sailor Soldier called Sailor Dione. I rule over Ice and Transportation (which is a fancy way of saying I can manipulate space - in a VERY limited manner). I was born on Saturn along with my twin, Sailor Pandora - Lady Ferocity I. We weren't born naturally, from a woman's womb, but from a crystal-chamber of sorts. You see, my and Ran's Sailor Crystals are a bit... special? Well, different would be a better word. Ran and I are constantly reborn - we die at the same time, we're born at the same time and we always meet in one way or another. Be it karma or something else, I'm not sure, but that's how it is. Because we're constantly tied to each other, having all the powers from our past life would eventually turn as all-powerful and possibly destructive, which is why our Sailor Crystals reset with each life, changing a bit, deleting everything but some memories of our past life. In any case, this time we were born together, on the same side - unlike the last time, which I'll tell you more about later. Our reason for being born as the protectors of Saturn and it's moons was that Sailor Saturn herself, being part of the Forbidden Senshi, could not be present to protect them. Therefore, Saturn always had a spare set of senshi to do it for it's original protector, and this time Ran and I were part of that spare set. And thus, we were born, somewhere before the Silver Millennium, when Pluto still had living Plutonians living on it. However, due to a slight slip (which probably had something to do with the remnants of Chaos withing the memories of my past life), I
somehow ended up at Charon Castle, Pluto, leaving my twin-sister behind. I grew up on Pluto, thinking I was the soon-to-be Sailor Pluto's (Setsuna's) little sister, and trained along with her, studying the element of Space. Although Time is, more often than not, the default element on Pluto, not everyone can study it, as it is reserved for no more than two living members of the Royal Family, who are the only ones with the natural potential to control such power. So thanks to growing up there, I have knowledge on the fabric of Space and the way it reacts to Time and the effects of Time on Space and so on - I also showed great potential in teleportation and magical movement, gaining me the unnatural secondary power over Transportation. I had to read some probably-evil and definitely-not-up-for-good books to find out some bits of information, though. So, uh... don't tell anyone?
My current mission is to find the rest of my team and complete the protection around the Saturn System - y'see, the protective field around the Saturn System is only complete when it's Senshi are united.
Now, about the "remnants of Chaos within my past life's memories"-thing. My most recent past life was a dark female warrior known under the name Rhyfallion Morganite - a brutal, cunning and extremely selfish (although sometimes a bit rash) being of pure destruction and, as that's what she was notorious for, combustion. I like to call her Morgan. She was smart enough to realize she was being played by the incarnation of Chaos that created her, and attempted to overthrow him from his position of power, destroy him and take the universe for herself. She would have succeeded, too, if her final blow hadn't been reflected back to herself, killing her. Well, seems like luck was on 'er side, seeing as she only died to be reincarnated as a Sailor Senshi on the side of good - we have the same enemy, anyway. And due to her strong thirst for revenge, once I realized my Sailor Crystal was infected by a remnant of Chaos, I awakened to the memories of her - and thus, her personality and identity was reborn inside of my Sailor Crystal, allowing me access to her... shall we say, soul?
At times, when I'm emotionally unstable and unable to deal with my life, Morgan takes over while I sink to the depths of my subconsciousness until I've dealt with whatever's causing me the great distress.


But I think that's enough about me. Tell me something about yourself, leave a comment, send a gift, even a single smile would make me happy, whether I see it or not. Be happy so that I know I'm doing my job well, since that is a Sailor Senshi's duty - protecting the peace of the world and keeping the people happy.
´´Dione Saturn Power, Make Up!´´

DISCLAIMER! This is a fan-made character for the popular magical girl anime series and manga Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (AKA Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Beautiful Soldier Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon). Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon does not belong to me - it belongs to Takeuchi Naoko(manga and the original story and characters) and Toei Animation(anime and any changes that were made to the original story and characters within the anime).