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Sinberry Where Are You?

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RP-OC : Aurelia Nyxe Ameroze

Welcome to my domain.
Do I know you, perhaps not, do you know me, who knows. If you would like to get to know me, go ahead, but be warned, I am not the most stable person. I may be talking about the most innocent thing one minute, and biting your head off the next. It’s just the way I am. Where does someone like myself come from, you ask? From my parents, of course, oh but you ask who they are if they are responsible for my existence in this plane and world…

My mother was a very well known type of being with a very different history depending on where you ask. In West Africa if you ask the Ashanti people she was the iron-toothed, tree-dwelling Asanbosam. In Madagascar she was the Amanga, an outlaw or living vampire who drinks the blood and eats the nail clippings of nobles. To the Aztecs she was the Cihuateteo, a skeletal faced spirit of someone who had died in childbirth who stole children and entered into sexual liaisons with the living, driving them mad. In the Philipines she would be known as the Tagalog Mandurugo or the Visayan manananggal. In western and popular folklore she is more well known as a Vampire.
Yet if you would like to know what beings call her by name, she is Aurelia Kirin.

My father, well if he is of any importance it is only if you fear death. In Japan my father may be called a Shinigami. Someone who died because of a suicide whose punishment is then to collect the souls of the dying. In Ancient Egypt he would be known as Anubis or Osiris, depending on when you ask. He would be known as the protector of those who passed away, most likely the Pharaohs. In Mexico my father is ‘Santa Muerte’ and most well known in the western world and Europe, the ‘Grim Reaper.’ He was a God of Death.
Yet if you would like to know what beings call him by name, he is Nikolai Ameroze.

Oh but what about a Vampire and a God of Death, how could they possibly have a child. You are quite clever, nothing gets past you. Well that explains another part of my race, not only am I part of my mother and part of my father, I am also part human. Really though what is race, but a social invention to create a natural hierarchy between beings? I am the ‘Big bang!’ I am an existence created out of nothing but the unity of these three existent persons and a magical force for the last piece of the puzzle. That is me, and who am I you ask, oh you mean my name. What did they call me when I came to existence. Aurelia Nyxe Ameroze That is the name I was given.

My human mother, the one who was used to create me was a female shaman. She lived within the forest with her people and raised me as her child. Their stories of how I came to be are many, some good, some not so much. I only thank her for food and shelter, and what few morals i care to keep. My human mother I called Nima. Her true name, I do not know, will not know. Those people no longer exist. Because of me? I do not tell any tale of these people.No smile, no tear for a family history that torments me.

Name: Aurelia Nyxe Ameroze
Age: Appears 22 [is 928 years]
Race: Human/Vampiric/Reaper

Birthplace: North Amazon

  • Immortality
  • Magic: Advanced Healing
  • Magic: Intermediate Teleportation
  • Physical: Trained in the arts of assassination through use of weapon.
  • Physical/Weapon: Sword, Throwing Knives, Daggers.
  • Knowledge: Intermediate-Advanced knowledge of realms, herbs, healing, politics, races.



OC-RP: Ambrose Deamore

Name| Ambrose DeAmore

Age| ??? Appears to be 25 or so years.

Gender| Male

Sexual Preference| None

Race| Rogue Vampire
This divine creature is like desire itself, a fallen angel from the darkest depths of hell.
They beg to have your fingers tangle, his locks carry the silver glow of the moon. Eyes of amber gold stare through silver bangs, like a fire burning. The skin that beckons for your touch is pale, and rather than cold to the touch, the dying fire within his living corpse is hot to the touch. The cold of his metal piercings that never seem to warm with his sort of deathly heat would feel like a searing bite as your bodies press together. And then those lips would move and you would be lost. Whether what came next was the dark voice from the lusting creature, or the bite that would send you to the portal of heaven, there would begin an addiction.

-All Silver Piercings-
* Industrial [Straight Barbell]
*Jobes [Ruby Studs]
* Tongue [Straight Barbell]
* 1 Left brow [Circular Barbell]
* 1 Right Brow [Bent Barbell]
*Snakebites [Spiked Piercings]
* n****e [Circular Barbell]
* Navel [Circular Barbell]
-He has one scar on the left side of his chest, two 'x's marking the place where his heart should be...


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