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I don't know what to say here. There are so many layers to my personality and my values that revealing them all will take up most of your life. Hopefully you can figure it out through conversations and the way I RP. If not then you weren't meant to understand me. I have had this account for a few years not and I can finally say that I am no longer the boy crazy, girly girl that used to post here. I am way more mature and know my limits. Of course I still think about boys, but now I also think about girls. My writing has become more morbid and it makes me happy to read horror stories where the main character dies. This is just layer one. Of course I'm still random, a sucker for romance, and sometimes go off on a tangent. Bull s**t is still not tolerated and I have gotten better a spotting it. Modesty and me can't be in the same sentence unless there is a negative connotation with applied. Before I go off one another tangent I just want to say that there are no more 'stages' in my life. I am who I am and I don't plan on changing anytime soon.

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