Fun Facts <3.<3.<3.<3

Hello there outside world! ;D
My name is
Jade~ yum_strawberry
I am 25 years old currently living in California :]
I'm pretty shy, but I love making new friends 3nodding
I may not talk alot at first...
But after I get comfortable around you, you won't be able to shut me up. sweatdrop

I do my best to help my friends with their quests.
I help others too, but I donate more so to my friends.
I love drawing, I may draw your avatar if you'd like.
Just ask~

I love everything animal related, but i love felines and bears the most :3
I also love cosplaying; it's one of my favorite things to do <3
Currently addicted to my Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo Switch, if you wanna add me just ask :]
I have always been a die-hard pokemon fan, and I am pretty sure I always will be
Baking is my passion, I am currently studying to become a pastry chef
VERY exciting emotion_kirakira
Lumpy Space Princess is my QUEEN, I fricken love her.
I love the colors purple and pink (if you couldn't tell, lol :b)
but I've slowly been falling in love with all things black and white.
heart Funny people are the best heart

Some of the jokes I make can get a little offensive o.o;
Just a fair warning for you now.

If you have anymore questions that I didn't answer above
Leave me a PM or Comment :]
Thanks for visiting me, Byee <3 yum_puddi

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