Hi... Im Zack, im 16 and yea ummm..... i PwN Joey XD.

I like things, ill make a list i think:

Sizes(big and tall)
Bags(useful in many ways)
Shoes(because rocks are uncool)
Hair(because it protects me from satan)
Bees(they soothe my mind)
Rakes(because leaves are evil)
Floor tiles(they cover the floor, i guess this is important)
Bees(because is someone sees you when you are getting attacked by them they will think you are crazy, and thats a good thing)
Baloons(Because they pop when you love them too much)
Hugs(i think)
Stools(because they are perfect for reaching slightly inconvienant places)
chalk(because its white, and yellow)
Shoe laces(because they are tight!!!.... if you want them to be.)
Whales(because they breathe)
Hash Brown Knees(because if you say them aloud you may be mistaken for a fan of mary j wanna)
I saw Joeys Feet
Fingers(theyy have nails attached to them)
Bees(light blue Please)
Dota(it makes me happy)
Short sprints on the baby(what the F***)

Lamp(just one)
Boulders( cuz they rock my world)
Pencils(because i write down things)
And Bees

I Dislike things, ill make a list i think:

Pennies(they are just never enough)
Knickels( they weigh about as much as 5 pennies)
Devin's Pants( they're staring at me >.> wink
Biology(Because i dislike things)
Teachers who wear multicolored glasses( i dont know why it just bothers me)
Mrs Ruffins Spanish class(she makes us listen to tapes that do nothing for me but make me mad T.T)
Light Blue walls(they make me feel like i can float)
Huge Pink Erasers(they look like hard pepto bismol)
Female teachers with PMS(they fail you if they are in a bad mood)
Resablarse(stupid spanish word)
Detention(I dont know but Night wish will tell you)
MCAS(again ask night wish)
Timed lights(they always go out on me >.> wink
Making a list of things i dislike(ill stop now)



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I don't like you. You called Snapesnogger a Jew Whore.

Srsly. I don't really like her either. : P

But you've hurt my feelings. *le jewish* >: [ Jerk.

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Dresms > Honor =] Me and Jonathan play there.
[Manic Panic]

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[Manic Panic]


No way,

I like balloons too.

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Aww, what happened?
Honk for hugs

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Honk for hugs


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T.T nuu
Honk for hugs

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Honk for hugs

your comment box lost its virginity