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The Odd Rant



'Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.'

Oscar Wilde



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Last Login: 07/19/2008 4:43 pm

Registered: 02/21/2007

Gender: Female

Location: Australia


heart LIKES:
going for long walks on the beach (sounds like a corny date show saying), reading, drawing - arty stuff, money, the colour red and coral, listening to music, lasagna and overalls. hmm... but wait there's more! loves to love comic books, smoothies and lattes - yum. i absolutely love my food and i could never give it up or be bellumic or anorexic - ever! food is great, it keeps you alive. ooo and gelato. i like bags, purses and bangles. i like to take pictures too. KIRBY is cool. smelly candles, boxes and tattoo art aswell as the kind of art on tarot cards.. the style and all the symbolism.. i absolute love it. ANIME AND MANGA!! also pirates!! who doesn't love pirates? i think watching pirates of the Caribbean has corrupted me -_-;;
wahmbulance i like music, any kind - i'm not fussy... although elevator music drives me insane. they have funky sounding songs on alcohol commercials for some reason..
i like having things messy if everything's neat it makes me uncomfortable like i shouldn't even disturb the dust floating around.. it almost becomes like an inhabitable wasteland.
i absolutely love fake jewellery, probably because i have a tendency to break the real stuff so i don't bother with it. i wear all my jewellery till it falls apart. cheese_whine
i think i repeated some things but if i did they deserved it because of the greatness!!

scream DISLIKES:
many things.. probably more than i have ever liked that's for sure. i dislike arrogant, cocky people. Aswell as uncertainty in any decision that i myself make... makes me agonise over it to much. i hate group work because of the other slackers!!!(don't get me started on this one) i dislike sasuke and his chicken hair. Also cleaning, TAFE and certain obligations... they just trap me and make me want to stab something or punch a wall. Headaches are annoying.. yeah i have one now.
Organising things is annoying to than everyone is always relying on you.
shopping for clothes... nothing makes you realise all the flaws you have in your body faster than having to shop and try on clothes... unless your a stick - but i blame my hips, they are made for birthing?? yeah the horror of being a female.. i won't go on - glass ceilings aside. also i have to say with the government and the new workplace laws(down under here) exploit the system that exploits you... hehe. xd


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clown prince jj Report | 10/20/2008 3:18 pm
clown prince jj
IceSlytherin Report | 04/17/2008 3:06 pm

Don't feel ashamed! xD Pocky is indeed good. It's more of a lifestyle thing that many new fans go through where Japan and everything Japanese is the centre of their world. I've been there. ._.

Thanks a lot for the compliment! <3
Yukariko Hanasaki Report | 02/26/2008 11:48 am
Yukariko Hanasaki
Times are running.
Yukariko Hanasaki Report | 01/23/2008 8:29 am
Yukariko Hanasaki
Yea its like that but when i think about it more. its seems useless to be remembered for 15 minutes. But then again once your dead all the rumors start to pop up. its like useless to be come famous if everyone is just going to talk bad things about you once your dead.

I hope my family and friends can remember for who i was and not for what i could have been. But then again it would be better if they didnt have to suffer for my death. once your dead there is nothing more to be done for you so why cry.

I sometimes have the desire to be in the spotlight but once i'm there i feel nervous as hell. its like okies leave me alone now.. >.> its such a mixed emotion for me.

Yea being on tv just brings out the fake person in you. its like you have to be a robot so that no one starts spreading fake and weird rumors on you. Tied down by all the cameras.

I have been great but i am starting to feel the stress of being depressed.

lol How have you been?

Buying more items?
Sleepy Siren Report | 01/17/2008 12:49 pm
Sleepy Siren
omg, praise the heavens above. i am still alive if cursed with a yellow tinted monitor... and currently forced to look like bugs-bunny for 3 months.
Yukariko Hanasaki Report | 01/15/2008 6:25 am
Yukariko Hanasaki
yea what you said was true and it did help me. its like we want to be remembered for what we have done yet when we are not here anymore people question the purpose of having that famous moment. yet no one remembers yous in the end. you were just a hero for a second.

yea somethings i ques. myself like will people be sad if i just die or will they just forget like everyone else.

people just want to be in the spot light onces in a while just to feel that their lives are meaningful.
unRouly Report | 01/13/2008 9:13 am

Yours is pretty nifty too. =]
Yukariko Hanasaki Report | 01/07/2008 8:22 pm
Yukariko Hanasaki
lol its not something like having a crush or that.

Its just saddness from nothing really. I just feel helpless for myself.

Sometimes i ask myself what am i good for you know. i just feel really useless...
La Belle Marionnette Report | 01/06/2008 10:10 pm
La Belle Marionnette


I'm honest in real life, I don't see the point in keeping secrets. It just makes me feel bad.

Yatsunaka Report | 01/06/2008 10:08 pm



sailor saturn kicks your butt.
any day of the week~!

Everything was falling over to this side
so i thought, it must be fate~! and put
it all here before it annoyed me anymore.

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