Hey, I'm Silver. I'm 17 years old and I've been a Gaian for almost 5 years. =D I only recently got back on but, I will hopefully get the hang of it again.

I absolutely love wolves, so send me any pictures or stuff you find on them. I've drawn a few myself if you wouldn't care to go look. I'll post the link at the bottom.

I'm also a writer. Not professional but, I like to think I'm ok. You can also look at some stories I've written on Deviantart. I'm really good at playing the flute and I'm trying to learn how to play the piano really well. I am ok at it now and I have a video or two on the internet and may upload some more. I'd love to Major in Educational Music and play in concerts and orchestras. I digress, I am very passionate about music. =)

Kiba is my hero. I absolutely love him. He is the greatest wolf ever. I am talking about Kiba from Wolf's Rain, which is a very great but sad anime that I suggest to err'body. I want the manga and I will get it one day! It shall be mine! I will love it forever.

As you can see, I also like video games and books. My favorite games to date tie with Okami and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days. Both very great things. My favorite book is White Fang by Jack London. I can almost quote it without the book lol.

Anyway, that's me. I'm really cautious when it comes to the internet so don't send me crap like "HERP DERP I want your phone number biggrin ." I'll virtually slap you in the face and spit on your phone. VIRTUALLY. I also don't use this place like eHarmony. I don't want to "date" across the internet. It's stupid.

Anyway, Thanks for reading. Here's that link I promised =P


Cave canem.


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Dear Journal XP

Hey here's my online journal blah blah you get the picture



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I got
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XD I thought you ment in the game XD
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Im so sorry but I don't have my dsi XD its dead and left at grandmas ill get it tomarrow
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That Anime Freak

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Are you ready now?
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xD k let me knoe when you want to trade
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That Anime Freak

I fixed it now let me know when you can trade ill be ready whenever we are both online.~


especially if you want a quicker response...

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