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Okay so I really don't know what to post here so be prepared.
I'm Silver Faun (or more formerly known as Lady Sosay)
I've been on Gaia since 2oo9
I'm a 2o year old Canadian girl
I've got long blonde hair and blue eyes
I live in the country and prefer that over the city
I'm currently in my second year of school. Hoping to become a vet. (fingers crossed)
Where I'm a college student I'm not online a lot but I've been trying to get back on here.
You can find me in the Art Forums. Doin somethin with my art skills! smile
I'm shy and quiet at first but once I warm up to ya I'm the complete opposite.
I don't like random friend requests so please if you wish to become friends, talk to me first (like get to know each other)

Role Playing
Anime (too many to name)

Annoying People
People who beg
The Dark
Snakes and Spiders


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Sosay's Journal

This is basically going to be for whatever I want to post....it may be a story or a picture or something completely different.


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* ^ *

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Thanks for your purchase! Enjoy your item smile
Phidelity Rose

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Phidelity Rose

Sweet avi. =}
natsumi tsujimotto

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natsumi tsujimotto

lady sosay ^_^

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Thank you for purchasing heart

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Np; looks awesome with my current outfit cat_4laugh

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right back at you your avi is beautiful
Deathly Affair

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Deathly Affair

Well, I'm definately going for full vet. Though it's going to take me probably 8-10 years here. I know it's 8 if you get all your classes every semester that you need. And it's going to take longer because the economy and schooling in Cali sucks. >n<
Here it goes like this in order: Vet (small animals), Tropical, Livestock. Or maybe the last two are switched. but there's like...30-40 other categories you can specialize in too. ou o;
I really want to specialize in just small animals. I don't like big farm animals...they scare me. [/sob.] >u<
Ah, that sucks. D; Yeah, my situation is a bit more complicated than that. My mom abandoned me and my father disowned me for a...complicated....issue of abuse. ;n;
But yeah, every year they want my parents to sign stuff and I'm like "SERIOUSLY? Didn't we go through this LAST year?!" Agh... >u<
Deathly Affair

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Deathly Affair

Oh wow. c:
I wish the colleges here were better, but they suck so badly...it's going to take me longer than expected to get done with even just community college.
So far, this is my second year, and I'll be lucky if I get into my English class (Which I'm currently waitlisted for at 9)
And since I have a....complicated...living situation every year they put me through hell just to give me my financial aid. >n<;
Because of that I may not even be able to pay for my classes this semester! AGH. [/rantrant.] >u<

Just makes me so upset. ;^;
Deathly Affair

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Deathly Affair

Well, I'm still in community college at the moment, but I'm attending Orange Coast College in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa, CA.
I plan to study at Davis University to finish it all up, though. C:



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