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after long time zOmg have been remove lol
NOW im back ...
but where are ppl right now lol when im playing zomg i always plays alone hahaaha sweatdrop
i hope all you guys come back soon
i need help to upgrade my ring lol it's 10. now but i need higher
if anyone want to play zOMG call me then lol
im always getting bored


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Oh my angel Report | 08/08/2018 8:46 pm
Oh my angel
Thanks for the purchase! smile Enjoy your day heart
Wicked Lavellan Report | 07/25/2018 5:50 pm
Wicked Lavellan
Thanks for buying heart
RavenDarknessAtarashi Report | 07/19/2018 12:34 pm
Arigato for the purchase! (See my store for more!) ^-^ <3
-xAyameNatsumex- Report | 07/18/2018 11:31 am
Thanks for visiting my store! emotion_bigheart
xXDarklyAngelXx Report | 07/15/2018 9:06 am
It's fine
I just can't afford a tablet in my life,I have a smart phone that can receive WiFi,but even when we can afford our phone bill it's basic line and doesn't even allow us to have 4G network so unless I'm in wifif my phones internet won't work
We don't own much in our house because we're so low on the poor side of middle class,our dining table doesn't even have chairs because I got the table from my parents but I don't chairs to it and I'm to poor to even afford chairs right now
xXDarklyAngelXx Report | 07/15/2018 8:14 am
No,I meant I'm to poor to afford a tablet
I can barely afford food to live,my phone doesn't even have service anymore we couldn't pay the bill because we had to pay the water and electric and then our ability to have WiFi still so our phone's weren't paid on so we could still get food to not die
xXDarklyAngelXx Report | 07/15/2018 7:38 am
I don't own a tablet
I come from the poor end of middle class
pa_her94 Report | 10/05/2013 11:53 am
Silsilsilsilsilsilsilver silsilver~

You should have stayed and tell her that you were gonna eat her c:
pokemon4eva008 Report | 10/04/2013 7:28 pm
( o u o)b
pokemon4eva008 Report | 10/04/2013 3:27 pm
better X3



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