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Registered: 02/21/2010

Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/07

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Hi it's me, your one and only SillyMissMilly! I've been around gaia since late 2003 but unfortunately lost my old account (so sad wish I could remember the info). As you may already know I am very active in gaia's RolePlay world. I am Vice Captain of Lands of Imagination and frequiently RP in a couple other guilds. I write, play and moderate a bunch of different roleplays so if you are ever interested in doing some collaborative story writing with me shoot me a PM! I also have a reference thread if you are interested in checking out my Roleplay history and such (just click that link back there). As of late I have also began doing banners and coding. I made this profile myself (please no stealing!!) and if you would like me to make you one, or banners/thread stylizing, let me know and we can work out some kind of trade ^^

Outside of gaia I am a Biology student in University I'm from Canada, yes I say 'eh' and I am not ashamed of that!! lol I play ocarina, read lots of books and play tons of video games, however my true passion is SCUBA diving <3 *flitter flutter pitter patter* if any of you find out how to become a mermaid please share this information with me.... you will be rewarded handsomely =p For other stuff about me feel free to visit my Tumblr page! (link under my avi)

Amazing people that have donated odds, ends, and treasures to my never ending quest for avatar glory: Tokichiro, Muddlock, Yoshielite, Caos_Love, Arrna Ravyneborne, iT4NGO, Nightmare is Over (AKA PoGold), lovemusictot (for guild Event ^^)


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TheMeg00 Report | 11/20/2015 2:14 pm
Hey Lady,

I super miss you, and I want to apologize, and catch up, and be awesome again.


PS. Mario Kart and sangria on me
wisedylan Report | 08/16/2015 11:06 am
Milly Meow Moon! Been killin any monkeys in ape city lately? ;P

P.S. Got any mets I can have? (jk)
wisedylan Report | 09/10/2014 1:48 am
It's all good! I'm with ya in spirit! My fam has been pretty awesome. Vi is five months old and Scar is turning four on New Years Eve. Complicated? life Is complicated. ;P just roll with it. really glad to hear you are doing well! having a pretty good time up there are ya, eh? ;D

wisedylan Report | 09/09/2014 5:30 pm
I'm great! how have you been!? you're music is annoying when going to your profile to comment. xD I'm doing homework stop invading my earssssssssssssss! razz
wisedylan Report | 09/09/2014 10:36 am
Pearl Nova Report | 08/09/2014 11:28 am
Pearl Nova
Thank you for buying from my shop! : D
oxyc0done Report | 08/07/2014 1:58 pm
Thank you so much for the purcheses
The Retarded Dove Report | 08/03/2014 10:30 pm
The Retarded Dove
Just stalking my share of profiles.. but you're from Canada too! EHHHHHHHHH! emotion_brofist
Let's jump on our polar bears one day, and go for drinks with our bagged milk. emotion_hug
Xelyn_X13 Report | 08/01/2014 11:48 am
Good to hear. Hopefully things will just keep getting better for you. Thanks.
Super_Tiny_tina3 Report | 08/01/2014 7:00 am
Hi there, I was wondering if you wanted to rp?