Here are some of those annoying uninteresting facts that most people don't read :]
  • I'm 15
  • I have my eyes out for a certain type of guy
  • But I've yet to find them icon_sweatdrop.gif
  • Yes I love PATD (I can't believe they took out the "!")
  • Pie is gross.<---PERIOD!
  • Still trying to forget a certain someone from my class...
  • How sad! (Kidding) icon_razz.gif
  • I like it anyways
  • That's what your mom said last night!! Oh..Dipp..
  • I need a life
  • No my hair isn't really gray..it's naturally dark dark dark brown
  • ..or black
  • No I will not donate to you o.0
  • Alternative is nice :]
  • I hate cats. The end
  • People who try to hard to fit in make me want to punch babies.
  • Yes.I AM a teenage mutant ninja turtle.
  • My turtle skills will kick your a**
  • If you label me...I will one day punch YOUR babies.
  • Pie really is gross...no lie. [:
  • I live in the USA
  • Rhode Island to be more exact
  • I hate summer...and spring
  • I know I have problems..no need to tell me.
  • Indeed
  • I lurve Anime/Manga
  • I can kick your butt!
  • I live for music
  • There are some real weirdos on this site..
  • NO I do NOT mean me
  • I also like to draw
  • I'm working on a manga icon_biggrin.gif
  • I know I'm a geek
  • I have nothing more to say..
  • *Kicks your butt cause I'm a TMNT*
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    iFoxHearti Report | 05/09/2009 6:58 pm
    Nothing rly special right now...

    Someone hates me now..

    Jush bc i said that that person mostly responds to another person more then me.


    and I know I'm hawt. ^^

    iFoxHearti Report | 05/09/2009 6:51 pm
    I'm doign alright.

    ~random pelvic thrust~ surprised
    iFoxHearti Report | 05/09/2009 6:37 pm
    hello,how are you today? biggrin

    Uhn Tiss. biggrin
    _gaarlaand Report | 05/08/2009 4:54 pm
    _gaarlaand Report | 05/08/2009 4:52 pm
    lol hhahaha ally posted c:
    _gaarlaand Report | 05/08/2009 4:51 pm
    lol haha aurora, too. xD
    _gaarlaand Report | 05/08/2009 4:50 pm
    damm. dont for right now...idk.
    _gaarlaand Report | 05/08/2009 4:48 pm
    oooo: dont!
    y do u know were is he? did he tell y he cant post for right now?
    _gaarlaand Report | 05/08/2009 4:41 pm
    ooooh weally??/
    _gaarlaand Report | 05/08/2009 4:38 pm
    lol i did xD in rp?


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