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KatyBliss Report | 08/18/2011 9:26 pm
Haha, I was a Girl Scout for about 8 years. Quit around 8th grade because my troop was boring. The thing is, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are pretty different. Boy Scouting is all about camping, outdoor cooking, tying knots, fishing, and the like. You know, useful stuff. Girl Scouting is almost sexist. We make crafts, bake, sew, knit, and even style hair. It's almost like being a junior housewife. neutral Looking through the book, it's funny because there are projects in there that involve fashion, hair, and skin care. I'd been in several troops, and while one took regular trips to cool places, most only went camping about once per year. The trip to NYC was the biggest deal. So yeah, I didn't learn much about camping. confused Would've helped.

Haha, what bugged you about the ending? To me, it was only disappointing that they didn't show grown Prof. Longbottom. 3nodding I thought Harry and Ginny's kids were adorable. whee Though I've never at all understood why Harry marries Ginny, of all the cool chicks in the series.... neutral

You've shown me it is, in fact, possible to have a wrong opinion. xp Haha, South Park is where it's at. blaugh (Yes, I know that's improper grammar.) All this in Latin class? Not History? Haha, easy there, wouldn't wanna break something. Anything old appeals to me. whee My friend went to see Dracula's Castle. Said it was awesome. Yeah, I've always wanted to visit India, too, though I've probably already told you that. 3nodding The food rocks, the music is cool, the culture's just interesting. smile Haha, I've never personally seen the Sisters at it, but I hear it's quite a sight to see. whee

Oh! By the way, my mom finally let me get a Facebook on Monday. I'll send you the link. Feel free to add me, because I have, like, 180 friends so far, but I'm kindasorta aiming for 1,000,000. wink Kid, never underestimate the combined powers of the WWW and the brain of halfway-intelligent adolescent. blaugh I've done really, really well with the system I've got going, so don't knock it 'til ya try it! whee Haha, I end up doing more work than you think, so don't judge, lol. And I reckon I do just fine and dandy memorizing lines for theatre. wink

Haha, kind and accepting? Me? Well, shucks! blaugh Yeah, when I took it like a year ago with Anie, we both got a three-way tie between Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. Lol, I don't fully trust those tests results, anyway. Shortly after taking the Sorting Hat one, I took the Clue! character test one. Apparently, I'm a pervert like Mr. Plum. neutral How fitting.

Right on, lesbian aunt! biggrin
KatyBliss Report | 08/07/2011 12:33 pm
Love The Holy Grail.... heart And yes, that's definitely my idea of camping. Exactly what I did all last week. smile Why don't you? I assume you have an RV if you guys talk about camping so much. Haha, being old doesn't stop my dad from acting 21. Then again, it can be really irritating.... stare So...have you seen HP now??? mrgreen

Haha, I honestly don't think it's all that bad. Not one single person actually reads the entire book, like I said, so at least I go to the effort to actually get all the info. I think of not as cheating, but as a clever, time-efficient study strategy. wink

Gosh, that's sick. My stepdad's a lawyer, and he was doing this high-profile case on a dad who threw his kids over the bay bridge. But yeah, microwaving definitely sounds more gruesome.... neutral

Meh...Family Guy doesn't appeal to me much. It can be funny at times, but I feel like the jokes aren't all that original. I like South Park because there's clearly some thought process that goes into the eps. Obviously, some of the eps are stupid and a lot of them are gross, particularly recent ones. But it can be really clever at times. As I've mentioned before, I'm one for satire. 3nodding Yeah, I've always wanted to visit the ancient parts of Rome. smile Don't be surprised by soccer-playing Popes. The Dominican sisters at my school play soccer, volleyball, and basketball in their habits. blaugh I just don't understand how volleyball dives work with all that fabric....

Haha, I only know like ten of my Gaia friends. blaugh I'll accept anyone who adds me, provided that their profiles don't seem creepy and they don't seem like unkind people. If I'm not mistaken, I have at least fifty friends on here, but I only talk to seven or so. Maybe I'm too trusting, but I don't give out personal info or anything, and I block creepers. Oh, my English teacher requires that we cite quote sources and all that. I find quotes online when I'm really stuck, but often I just find my own. Often I can remember bits of a seemingly relevant quote but I don't know where it is in the book, so I use the internet for that. In my opinion, taking quotes online is fine as long as you use them in your own way and all that.

Really? Aren't Hufflepuffs supposed to be very honest, though? Apparently, you don't think me very trustworthy with the internet summaries and whatnot, so I'm not sure why you say it's fitting. blaugh I can see you as a Ravenclaw, I think.

Why thank you! smile I'll decide whether I can say the same of you.... xp Haha, just kidding.

Lesbian aunt? The Bible-thumping Catholic aunt? confused I hope you don't mean her. blaugh It seems to me that she'd be betraying her own set of morals.
KatyBliss Report | 07/27/2011 9:31 pm
He's [i]soooo[/i] cute, though! :big:  I've never really even liked dogs, in all honesty, but Jack is awesome. :whee:  *gasps*  Umm, excuse you? :talk2hand: If I turned up dead, I think you'd have more to worry about than the fact that you'd wasted a half an hour typing up a message to a dead girl.  :big:  So are you one of those kids who stay home all summer because their parents have to work?  See, my mom's a Special Ed./English teacher, so she's home during the summer, thankfully.:3nod:  Yeah, [i]HP[/i] was incredible!  As a raging Neville fan, I was especially pleased.  :whee: Ugh, what's the fun in going after the crowds die down?  I personally love crowds, as long as I already have my ticket and don't have to wait in ridiculously long lines.  Heck, I was fully looking forward to attending the midnight premiere with my best friend, but our plane for CA left on opening night, and my dad had already gotten tickets for a Saturday matinee while we were on vacation.

:gonk: The hell? Yeah, okay, Jonathan, just give me the link to a video of some psycho chick throwing poor, defenseless puppies into a river, eh? :XD My gosh, horrible idea! For the last 25 minutes, I've been fighting the urge to watch it. Okay now, how graphic are we talking? :burning: That's disgusting, obviously. I'm ashamed to be a part of the demented race from which that satanic girl originated. :x Have you ever seen [i]The Butterfly Effect[/i]? If not, I'd suggest you watch. It's the only serious role I've ever seen Ashton Kutcher take on, and he's really impressive in it. Anyway, there's a scene in that movie where an emotionally disturbed kid forces a dog into a burlap sack and lights it on fire. It's sad....T_T

Yeah, well, one of my London uncles happens to be gay, and that man is loaded. :big: He's a wealthy lawyer, and his partner has some high-ranking position in a car company. He gets to test drive all these luxury cars, write reviews, and make a lot doing it. They're constantly visiting India, Turkey, Spain, the Philippines.... Oh, poor Jonathan, two whole years? :o Haha, I've never even been, though my dad's been saying we'd go for the last 7-or-something years. Anyway, my mom's an alum of my school, and she went on the trip a few trillion years ago when she was a senior. I don't know about Spain or Greece, but I think they at least visited Ireland, England, France, Italy, and Germany. Gosh, I've [i]always[/i] wanted to visit Greece! :) Haha, Family Guy, really? I don't know why, but I've never cared much for that show. It seems a little unoriginal to me. I like South Park. :big: The Pope, on the other hand, I do like and would love to meet, but in all honesty, I would've rather met Pope John Paul II while he was alive. And if I could go [i]anywhere[/i] famous in Italy, it'd be [url=]Nettuno[/url], where my biggest hero [url=]St. Maria Goretti[/url] lived and died. :3nod:

Haha, so that means I couldn't add half of the people I talk to online since I don't [i]know[/i] them. :big: As for Shmoop, I'd hardly consider it cheating. Teachers only make you read the books so that you know about them. Therefore, I see no harm in using a site like Shmoop. It's so incredibly detailed that it's like I actually read the book, only I get to skip through long rants. The other girls in my class used SparkNotes, they all told me, and it just sucks for them that they've chosen a site that gives bad summaries. I managed to ace all my tests without reading the books, so I guess that, while perhaps not entirely honest, my "studying" method is a lot more helpful and time-effective than actually reading a book that doesn't interest me. :wink: Kudos to me.

Ooh, I've taken that quiz before! I couldn't remember my exact score, so I retook it. Hufflepuff-14, Gryffindor-12, Ravenclaw-11, Slytherin-6. Funny, my friends have always said they see me as a Ra
KatyBliss Report | 07/23/2011 9:44 pm
Okay, so this time, I've been away in LA for a week, staying with my uncle. :big:  Got back yesterday morning, and I'm still a little sleepy and out of it, so if I say anything stupid or nonsensical, please just bear with me. :whee:  Anyway, I got a puppy yesterday!  He's a yorkie, and his name's Jack. :)  If you recall, I'm super-allergic to dogs, but terriers don't really shed, so I haven't died yet. :wink: (Give it a few days.)  What's new with you?  Have you seen [i]Harry Potter[/i]??? :whee:

8)[strike]Try all you want, I'm thoroughly incapable of feeling remorse.[/strike] <--- So far from the truth. :whee: A lot of things make me feel guilty, but homework is not one of them. :roll: I've had some crazy teachers who have assigned some crazy work, so I don't always feel obligated to complete it the honest way. Horrible, I know.

That's really cool! :) I have two uncles living in England--London to be exact--and I've been wanting to visit for years. It's never happened, obviously. :( I've hardly been out of the country, just to Toronto and Cozumel. My school takes a senior class trip to Europe, so maybe I'll get the chance. :) That sounds fun, though.

Haha, nope, I only know about my uncle's Facebook activity because my mom and aunt like to go online, read it all, and tell us. Facebook is currently off limits to me because my mom seems positive that I'll pick up a stalker and get abducted and raped....:| But I think she's realizing that keeping me from having one is a little ridiculous when some of my teachers use Facebook to post homework assignments because [i]everyone[/i] in my grade has one. She said she'd reconsider it.

I have two books to read: [i]Great Expectations[/i] and [i]The Old Man and the Sea[/i]. Right now, I'm about ten pages into the former. Tried reading it yesterday afternoon, but I ended up falling asleep. Usually I procrastinate with summer reading, then panic and rush to finish during the last few weeks before school. It's always worked for me. :wink: I usually force myself to actually do my summer reading because I usually don't end up fully reading the books assigned throughout the school year. You see, I discovered this wonderful, awe-inspiring site called [url=]Shmoop[/url], and it helped me to survive my crazy Nazi teacher's Honors English class. She had us write summaries of each chapter of [i]The Return of the Native[/i], and obviously she knew when girls used the sketchy, shallow SparkNotes summaries, but the Shmoop ones are so thorough it's almost like actually reading the book, only without the long, boring passages about the heath's geography. :) That site saved my life. So yep, that's one of my secrets to getting out of English work. :wink:

*facepalm* :xMy bad! You see, I didn't feel like typing the whole Scripture reference, so I just Googled the first few words and copied and pasted from the first site that came up. I didn't even check the version. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the majority of Protestants use the New King James version, with somewhat different books and translations than I'm used to, so it makes sense. But regardless, what I explained is the gist of what the Catholic version says. And does it really matter whether just the Blood or the Body and Blood are for all? Either way, He's basically saying that He's giving all of us His Flesh and Blood.

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant that it's knowledge which defines them, or more accurately lack thereof. I think we both have the same idea down. Yeah, that's true. Like I said, I have this overactive guilt bone, so I don't like seeing people unhappy, even if it's beyond my control. I don't pity my content atheist friend, just the depressed ones, so I guess it's more their sadness that upsets me than their beliefs. I guess I just sort of assume that their beliefs are directly related to their discontent, which may or may not be accurate.

Yep, I know your type.
KatyBliss Report | 07/09/2011 4:53 pm
Ahaha, I find it funny that you took the time to find three more animals in suits.  :big:

The first one's a little creepy. The other two are just cartoon, so no.
That reminds me, have you ever seen Pikachu Mouse?
I think it's pretty cool....:3nod:

You see, my problem is not knowing the answers. I'm one of those people who can't motivate themselves to complete homework assignments. I do fine on tests, and in standardized tests I generally score in the ninety-ninth percentile, but homework is such a drag! :gonk: I don't feel that guilty about copying, which is probably the wrong answer.

Best week of your life, eh? How'd that go? Haha, well, when you're like me and you don't have Facebook, you need to find other entertaining ways to fill the void.:wink: I just go to my neighborhood pool most days, and next week I'm leaving to stay in Los Angeles for a week. After that, my friends are moving back from New Zealand, so I'll be visiting them. I'm actually pretty busy. Probably need to start on my summer reading, as unappealing as it sounds.... :|

Oh, that makes a bit more sense. I was kinda under the impression that you were at least intelligent enough to distinguish between the two, so I was a little confused.... :big:

I don't see how the fact that Jesus was about to die makes the Last Supper any less cannibalistic than weekly Mass. :3nod: And if eating the flesh and blood of Christ is cannibalistic as you say, isn't Jesus just as blameworthy for encouraging cannibalism among His disciples? And yes, He actually told us to do so.

"Take and eat, for this is my body which shall be given up for you and for all so that sins may be forgiven. Take and drink, for this is the cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant which shall be shed for all men.

[b]Do this in memory of me[/b]."

We receive the Eucharist sacramentally and spiritually. He said that He gives His real, tangible Body and Blood for [i]all[/i] of us, and He asks [i]all[/i] of us to consume it in His memory. Why would He share Himself with just a select few? Plus, we believe that He is with us in Mass because He's omnipresent, so really, it's not so different from the Last Supper. I hope that clarifies our beliefs a bit.:3nod:

Yes, that's what I was saying. Agnostics are those who do not know for certain that God exists. Maybe that's just the case with my atheist friends, I obviously can't speak for all atheists. But the ones I know are never really satisfied. I was texting one of my atheist friends last night, and he was telling me that being atheist doesn't make him at all happy, but he refuses to believe in a God/gods because there is no scientific proof. He said himself that he's rather depressed because he doesn't really see the ultimate point of life. One of my other atheist friends is the kind of kid who's always really depressed or moody, whether it's because another girlfriend dumped him (which is basically the worst possible thing that could happen for him :roll: ), because somebody says something that rubs him the wrong way (a mistake I've made many times :big:), or just because of life in general. Now, I do have an atheist friend who doesn't seem to suffer from perpetual depression like many I know. Good for him, clearly he's well cut out for atheism. For some, I guess the lack of God or any sort of religion is not a problem. But my other friends might benefit from a little hope and meaning. They're the ones I worry about. :|

Yeah, I have nothing against science, but it's not something I'll lie in bed contemplating. In all honesty, I'm perfectly content with the story of Creation, and I don't think I'm missing much by not really thinking about Evolution. I'm just indifferent. I think Edgar Allan Poe manages to sum up my feelings pretty well. :3nod:

I go to the movies every now and then. I went to the theatre recently to see X-Men: First Class, but besides that, I think the only movies I've seen in theatres s
KatyBliss Report | 07/06/2011 8:04 pm
My sister just walked past.
She thinks your dog is terrifying too.
Teehee, might I point out that you forgot your end parenthesis? 3nodding
I'll explain my latest excuse in the following lines. smile I tend to procrastinate with school. It's funny because no one in my school really does all the homework. We all kinda sit around in homeroom and frantically copy down each other's answers. Somehow we all get decent grades, and our school even made the list of top fifty Catholic schools in the country. Of the schools on the list, we're the only Maryland one and the only all-girls school. smile I guess homework should be teamwork.... 3nodding

Lock-ins are fun. Come to think of it, I never got around to having my birthday party this year. blaugh I was in Cape May, New Jersey on a religious retreat. Didn't bring my phone or computer, but withdrawal wasn't so bad. smile It was the best week of my life, no exaggeration. whee Coming home is a drag.... sad Since I got home, I haven't done much other than daily swim practices and celebrating the fourth of July. And at the moment, I'm watching South Park. whee

Yeah, plants are just misfortunate. sad Uh, I'm pretty sure that's a piranha rather than a shrimp. 3nodding And if I haven't mentioned, I'm technically pescetarian rather than vegetarian, so I do eat crustaceans and fish. I didn't, but I then realized that protein deficiency makes me extra spacey and ADD and can also affect the brain development of my future kids. confused I plan to raise little prodigies, so that won't work. I guess you could almost call it nepotism. smile

Well, that is what we believe. Was it any more or less cannibalistic when they did it at the Last Supper? 3nodding Yeah, well, if you actually care at all about the Catholic transubstantion doctrine, this further reading might clarify a bit. I personally take quite a bit of interest in other faiths. I spent a good portion of yesterday idling and reading about Jehovah's Witness and Mormon beliefs.

Well, naturally, I pick freedom. I'm pretty sure that atheism is based on belief, whereas agnosticism is based on actual knowledge, so it is possible to be atheist. One could actually argue that we're all agnostic because no one can actually know for a fact whether God exists. I honestly just feel bad for atheists because lack of faith doesn't offer the same hope that comes with faith in God and an afterlife. My actual atheist friends are all guys, and none of them seem very happy to me. confused I used to always ask myself where I stand on scientific debate, and I realized that I don't actually care. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. 3nodding I guess the idiom "believing is seeing" is more suiting to me. Concrete evidence doesn't mean much to me, which is why I'll never be a scientist. whee

blaugh My favourite part of Scott Pilgrim was "We Hate You, Please Die". Cera's actually in a number of funny movies. Year One and Youth In Revolt are good, particularly the former. smile

Eh, guess you proved me wrong. 3nodding After typing my last message, I immediately went on YouTube and watched Tuck Everlasting in my room.

No problem, I can just counter that by developing a prejudice against all Episcopalians like yourself. xp Believe it or not, we're pretty tolerant. Of all Christian denominations, Catholics are apparently the most tolerant of homosexuality in spite of our bigoted reputation. wink There's this really liberal parish in my area that everyone knows as "the lesbian church". Rumour has it that all the same-sex couples go there with their adopted kids. blaugh

Gotta go to bed!
KatyBliss Report | 06/24/2011 8:04 pm
Whoa!  The dog on your profile scared me!  :big:  For some reason, I have a fear of things that resemble human beings but aren't.  Like wax figures.  And [url=,0,0]this[/url].

And I was half convinced that you just didn't like me very much, haha. :xp:No worries, I've been really busy anyway. :) How's your summer so far? Seems like I've barely asked questions about your current position. We've been too busy discussing meat alternatives and the differences between Episcopalians and Catholics. :3nod:

Human feces, eh? Far fetched, indeed. :| Meh, I'm content with simply abstaining from meat, I think. Not that it isn't innovative or anything, but fecal matter doesn't appeal to me much. :big: Wow, guess I'm now the hypocrite.... :o Yes, I tend to favour idealistic over realistic, if you haven't noticed. :3nod: Plants are just at a disadvantage. If I could, I probably wouldn't eat plants either. Unfortunately, I need some sort of food in order to survive, so naturally, the cute, furry animals win over the inactive, stationary plants. It's kind of a double-end short for me. -__- Think I have way too many guilt bones in my body....

Hang on there, I think you've got the wrong idea. Believe me, I'm really, honestly, truly not trying to sway. I was only trying to clarify because you said this:
[quote]Exactly, symbolically, to recreate the events of the last supper. They're bread and wine, symbolizing the body and blood of Christ, but they're still just bread and wine, looking the same, giving the same nutrients and whatnot, they're just seen as something greater because of what the celebrant has made them symbolize.[/quote]
I kind of assumed you'd misunderstood what I'd been saying about the Catholics believing it was actually the body and blood, so I repeated to clarify. No worries, Jonathan, I'm not here to evangelize and convert, silly. :)

Yeah, I said that a God-centred world might be nice. But, like I also said, I'm a firm believer in free will. I have no interest in going around evangelizing and telling people that they [i]must[/i] repent to be saved. Not my style....:| I have friends who are Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, and Wiccan, and I like it that way. :) You know, I find that a lot of people don't know what agnosticism is, or confuse the beliefs with those of atheism. I definitely wouldn't say the two are the same. Self-declared "agnostics" I know tend to have one of several different viewpoints, mainly that either 1) we have no way of knowing whether God exists (the very definition of agnosticism), or 2) that there is a higher power, but that we shouldn't define it or have organized religion. My brother, for example, adheres to the second one. Then, of course, atheists are firm in their belief that there is no God. I have nothing against atheists, but I do feel like they miss out. I wouldn't like living and believing that everything was there simply because science dictated it. I'm sure it works for some people, but I think that would really depress me. :?

I love Michael Cera. :big: Even though he can only play like one character, he does it pretty well. I like him best in [i]Superbad[/i]. [i]Scott Pilgrim[/i] wasn't bad, but Ramona was so whiny....

Meh, I'll stick to Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel, I think. :wink:

Yes! Finally a movie, besides Harry Potter, that we both can appreciate on some level. :) Yeah, the 2002 adaptation with Alexis Bledel. Pretty sure that's the only one there is.... From what I remember, the book was really short, but it was nice. I remember watching the movie for the first time in my sixth grade English class. Half the girls started crying. :big:

Oh, well, my uncle and his family aren't Catholic. They belong to a conservative, "non-denominational" Christian church. I remember that when we went to stay with them, we went to their ch
KatyBliss Report | 06/12/2011 9:27 pm
Eh, I think I now hold the record for going MIA. :oops: Sorry, I've barely been home.  My [i]whole[/i] house is being painted, and the primer has made everyone in my house sick.  So yeah, I've been gone, and when I'm actually home, my room, and therefore my computer, are off limits because of the house work being done. :whee:  Ugh...My Netbook deprivation has been giving me [url=]postmodem depression[/url]. :gonk:  Haha, I know, I must seem full of lame excuses by now. :big:

Humph...:whee:Yes, I know I'm probably being unreasonably stubborn about this, but seriously, I think people could work a little harder to make good use of resources. I don't want to drink from a bull bladder, but I think we could be working to find good modern uses for the leftover parts of animals. Are we not constantly complaining about a lack of resources? I don't know, I just don't like people who are always whining about this and that but never consider possible solutions, even far-fetched ones.

Oh, see, Catholics don't see Eucharist as a [i]symbol[/i]; we believe that it becomes the actual body and blood of Christ. In other words, we believe that we're consuming His legitimate, tangible flesh and blood, as the Apostles did at the Last Supper. I don't know that any other Christian denomination believes in the transubstantiation in the sense that we do. Yes, it's all important. But when we're doing things we like (e.g., dancing, spending time with family, playing sports), we're sort of enjoying everything God put here for us, so in a way, it helps you to love God, provided that the "fun" isn't something that can harm your relationship with Him (e.g., drugs, premarital sex, etc.). God, after all, wants us to be happy and to make good use of our talents and passions. Everything is definitely a part of life's meaning; to me, God's the one who ties the full package together.

Haha, no, I'm definitely not suggesting global conversion. I think we've all seen what happens when we try to force religion down people's throats. I'm not one of those people who believe that without Christ, you're damned, case closed, no questions. How can I condemn Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and people of other religions for doing what they believe will lead them to fulfillment? I think that as long as you're trying your best in life to do what you understand to be right, you should be good to go. After all, not everyone on the planet has even heard the name "Jesus Christ" or the word "salvation". I'm fully open to diversity. My point was just that when you get to the core of Christianity, Jesus never, ever taught us to conquer other peoples and force them to conform to His teachings. He only taught love. Think Gandhi: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Haha, go through all the comments and do the math if you'd like. :xp: I'm pretty sure roughly six months is accurate. Yeah, I guess extreme shyness would be more like a social phobia, right? I know a kid who got teased so much in elementary school for his speech impediment that now he never talks. It's sad, because speech impediments in adolescents are often brought on by social anxiety; if he wasn't teased so badly before, it would've probably gone away and he wouldn't be so shy. Now, "socially awkward", on the other hand, immediately makes me think of Michael Cera. :big: Not shy exactly.

Haha, I don't know, I can't bring myself to appreciate machinery. I'll walk into the museum and see aircraft after aircraft, but I get nothing out of it. My dad stands there telling me all about the innovations and uses of a certain plane, and I just nod, half listening. :stare: Meh, for some reason, I've never taken an interest in warfare. I really like learning and reading about the Holocaust, but I can't stand to hear about the sorts of weapons and battlecrafts used in World War II
KatyBliss Report | 05/25/2011 7:31 pm
Pssht!  :sweat:No, seriously, I--my computer--it didn't work. :(

I believe that animals have souls of some sort or another. And I don't understand the idea that food is the sole purpose of animals. I mean, you hear people saying that [b]all[/b] animals are put here for one purpose and one purpose only---while they pet their beloved cats and dogs and other pets.:roll: I don't think that eating animals is necessarily wrong, but we modern people seldom stop to even acknowledge that the animals we're eating were once living things. We just mass produce cows and chickens and whatnot, and we only use the meat. Can't we be more like the Native Americans? :? They used every single part of the animal: the cow's stomach became a water pouch, the bones and tendons were used as sewing needles and thread....They even ate the animal's eyeballs for protein! :whee:

Ugh! :gonk: Like I said, corpses and cadavers [i]terrify[/i] me! The Anatomy class at my school is dissecting cats! Like domesticated felines. Apparently, in the lab there's a big trash can full of formaldehyde cats in plastic baggies. :( Ugh, so yeah, any kind of corpse, particularly human, scares me out of my wits. And I hate Google Images ever since I typed in something like "wake up" and got a buncha photos of people in wakes. :whee: Umm, I think I'd take pig feces over pig fetus any day. :big:

Oh, you see, in the Catholic Church, when the bread and wine are blessed, they [i]become[/i] the Body and Blood of Christ. That's why a Catholic can't receive Communion at a Protestant Mass, and vice versa. Well, yeah, I see what you mean, but I feel like I should let it play as large a role in my life as possible. I really just started thinking about it within the last year or so, but I decided that if Jesus loved me and died for my eternal life, I should work to love him in return as much as I can.:heart: Plus, I've found that a steady, consistently faith-filled life really helps me with things like chastity and devotion. Oh, and it's made me much happier. :) Sorry, I don't mean to preach or anything. But then again, if God isn't the meaning of life, what is? Science? :?

Well, it really depends on whom you ask. For a lot of people, religion [i]is[/i] life. To the Dominican Sisters at my school, Jesus is their spouse, so he'd definitely be their lives. When you think about it, a truly God-centred world wouldn't be so bad, provided that people are actually living Christ-inspired lives. That is, not condemining homosexuals or atheists or anyone else, but gently [i]guiding[/i] them toward God. Honestly, I don't like when certain Christians take a holier-than-thou, Bible-thumper approach. :? But my point is that God does teach us to love unconditionally, so a world revolved around him may not have wars. Of course, I believe in free will, though.

Ahaha, has it never never occurred to you that adolescent heterosexual females may like gay guys? :whee: Because they do.:big: And they also love guys in theatre, so it's no surprise that they go chasing after guys in theatre club, of all places. Basically a win-win situation. :) Oh, and every girl needs a [url=]GBF[/url]. :wink:

Meh, let's hope you don't have to put up with them anymore. :? Haha, well, I'm pretty sure you added me at least six months ago, and we've been talking ever since. :3nod: Honestly, in a way, you don't seem so socially awkward. Then again, most of my friends on here are people who tell me they're shy in real life. Do you consider shyness and social awkwardness synonymous? I'm not really either, so it sorta surprises me.

Bleh, planes. :whee: Haha, when I was younger, my dad used to drag me to the Air and Space Museum in D.C. from time to time. I always hated it. :big: I don't know why, but machinery bores me. Teehee, don't mistake me for a prude. Dirty humour doesn't bother me. :whee: I think I saw the end of [i
Dark Gantz Report | 10/12/2009 9:11 pm
Macross is my fav anime ever =3=
II Kazuya_Shibuya II

Left: Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector from Fire Emblem 7 Below Left: Link for the Legend of Zelda series Below: The six classes from the first Final Fantasy

Dreams are the sky. So far away, yet so close.


Can't live without 'em... smile