Hi! I'm Rebekah. You can call me Roo, Silent, Wish, SW, or Supreme Ruler of the Universe. But let's be honest, you have a higher chance of me responding to the latter. I'm a bisexual twenty-three year old female who lives in Georgia. My birthday is on September 26th. I'm an Author who writes fantasy fiction books. I'm currently working on my third book, entitled Sayler. I, also, have a new blog that you can find at onelostsoulforlife@blogspot.com. I joined in '08, but I went on a five year hiatus only come back and find out that my original account was banned for some reason or another. I created this account in '13 and have been on here since. I frequent the Writer's Forum, Mini Shops Forum, and Barton Town. I am always open to do an RP as long as it's not 1x1. Feel free to PM me about them. I play video games on my PC. Some of those include Rust, Creativerse, League of Legends, and the Sims 4. My Steam name is Rooiepatooie. Add me! Also, my Discord username is Rooiepatooie#8126. I love all animals and nature. Koalas are my favorite with dogs as a close second. I listen to almost any sort of music other than Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Rap, One Direction, and Justin Beiber. I'm way too into the paranormal, death, destruction, and insanity to be considered a normal human being. Halloween and Burritos are my soul mates, which I guess makes me single. HMU?

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