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yo, my name is esme i am a 14 year old girl from indiana. i came from a bad neighborhood and got beat alot when i was younger but now that i was taken away from my family i am with a foster family i love it here and i am happy now i have been through alot of relationships and i am in one now but let me just say i am very tough and if anyone tries to mess with me... just don't smile


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Quiple Report | 11/25/2009 10:38 pm
try this out it really works!send this to...
5 people-50g
10 people-1k
15 people-10k
27 people-29k

then press ctrl+w

when the window closed,login again and check ur gold amount
Quiple Report | 11/14/2009 12:44 pm
it said that on ur status so thats y i asked
Quiple Report | 10/22/2009 7:56 am
hey may i ask y u are lonely?
TALENT-JR_1245 Report | 08/07/2009 1:32 pm
TALENT-JR_1245 Report | 08/07/2009 1:00 pm
im was next to u in your profile
TALENT-JR_1245 Report | 08/07/2009 10:02 am
hiw name is hoffman
TALENT-JR_1245 Report | 08/07/2009 9:56 am
sup lol my friend said that u liked me
Quiple Report | 08/04/2009 12:27 pm
i dont see u often whats been happenin?
MidnightTheRaveWolf Report | 07/18/2009 5:02 pm
yep, it looks good ^^
MidnightTheRaveWolf Report | 07/18/2009 4:10 pm
okay, go to the tab that says gaia, scroll over it, and then go down to Account settings, scroll over that, then go to Prefrences then look for something on the page that says Account, then look for something that says Avatar gender and it will say that you can make changes to ur avater and it will be in blue lettering where it says by "deleting your avatar" and recreating it. (just remember that if u make any changes to ur avi, then u might have to buy a differnt style of hair when u recreat it)
Okay, well i hope that helps



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