hi.. biggrin
i am 18 years old..
i love anime especially naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho...hehe
and umm...
what else..???
greet me if wanted to know more...


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Yooooo was up bro 😋
iim pannenkoek

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iim pannenkoek

Lesley that his name. was lately been very ill with breathing problems, pain in his chest and fever.
He went to the doctor and has urgently called the hospital to pick him up. He had pneumonia. He had to make an Echo and it turned out that was not right. He still has a little inflammation in his pericardium and a small liver damage.

And he has problems with his brains. so that there are not enough new brain cells to be made.
Because that is not functioning properly his muscles. very restless in the body and muscles that hurt. And every few minutes as he sits quietly gets his body a shock.

In May, he had emergency to the hospital because his shoulder was dislocated.

That was occasionally a bit of what's going on with him.

yeah some people ive met in ZOMGtold me about it.... to sad that they will close down this gaia site.

Be yourself and its good to invite some friends over for dinner... its kinda groups date... be your self and make fun... be gentle and kind. dont be shy it will be okay your a great guy!

a lot of hugs back to my dearest friend,,,
till next time!
Doei Doei
iim pannenkoek

Report | 09/08/2014 1:42 pm

iim pannenkoek

Yeah im still with him haha and next month is his birhtday we are 8 years and 2 das apart with each other haha xD
Yeah he is kind of important for me.. .taking good care of him.. he has some problems with his heart, lever, lungs and brains... but hes nice smile and very caring

yeah its kinda shocking how high the prices here are eek i was kinda shocked at first!! well nice of your friends to give it to ya. had some gifs for you if u wanted it.. but i sold it -.-'sorry

Well your kind and sweet very funny so she have to notice you!! 4laugh biggrin wink

back to that girl.. ..hehe... did you talked to her.. or... is she from gaia here or in real life! smile
how did you met her? hehe

alot of hugsss for you!! heart heart heart
miss ya too buddy <3 3nodding heart
iim pannenkoek

Report | 09/01/2014 11:33 am

iim pannenkoek

yeah i notice it! looking good..an real gentleman! 3nodding ladys killer hehe
i notice on the market here on gaia.. all the items are way expencive over the million gold!
Our love life wasn an happy fun love life together..and we had a lot of fun biggrin
OOH What cutee... really.... hope it will turn out right...hope shen otice you how nice of person you are heart heart

The work is fun. you can see how gratefull those elderly are.. and the stories about them past are wonderfull to listen to. Its another world we are living.
my LOVELIFE hehe... .
Well got an Boyfriend not long ago.. since Juli Met.... Ive met him on the Internet and met him in real life to. .. it will takes me 2 hours by train to be with him.

Till next time heart heart heart
and goodluck with this girl! heart heart 3nodding
iim pannenkoek

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iim pannenkoek

How are you, And yeah its been an reallllllly long time haha, its almost 3 months when i last came online here till i message you.
So how have been any news? School/work,family/ hows your love life?

im Busy with work. and finished school last year of Ocotber.

I work now at the Eldery homecare...

hope we can meet up sometime in the towns or at ZOMG.

Till then Xxx
iim pannenkoek

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iim pannenkoek

Hey Nabil,

Long time no speak. how are you doing?
everything okay?

Its been years i think weve last time talked to each other. hows fam. doing?

Hope we can chat some day!

Lot of hugs from your friend in the Netherlands!

Xxx - Dilana

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yooooooooooooooooo cool
iim pannenkoek

Report | 05/10/2013 6:03 am

iim pannenkoek

sorry i didint came online, last night [somde days ago]
when i get home, i didnt feel well, i went straight to bed.
i hope u were not upset sad
iim pannenkoek

Report | 02/24/2013 11:40 am

iim pannenkoek

hey how are u doing, long time no talk

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