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Birthday: 10/07

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Form Order

Nature Born - regular form. first form. this part of me shows the most and when in not so serious fights i tend to stay in this form

Water Goddess - Non-Regular form. Second form. if i take a few hits in battle and feel the need to change in this Form. This one gets abit dangerous as i sometimes cant control the amount of water i control.

Princess Of Flames - Non-Regular form. third form. this one is all out battle form. watch out as i blaze the landscape with intense heat. also this form tends to be mean and hurtful as the normal me wouldnt do.

Angel of Air - Non-Regular form. fourth form. this one is completely dangerous. you have to be extreamly keen if you wanna keep up with me as i move fast around you hitting you with everything i have. NOTE: This Form Is DANGEROUS!

My Creation

Hello my name is silensara. I was created from the 4 Elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air) I was sent here By Mother Nature to terminate those who try to hurt Nature. Period. stare

charater sheet

Name: Silensara
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Depends On element.
Powers: poison, camouflage, thorns ,nature weapons
Origin: Earth, A flower (Rose)
Personality: Bi-polar, quiet ,happy ,sad ,mad ,understanding
Theme Song: The killer Anna- The Medic Droid

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Silensara (Human Form)

Water goddess

princess of flames

Angel Of Air (FINAL FORM)

Nature Born