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Hey, I'm Siin Seven. Or Emily in the real world. Whichever.

I've actually had numerous Gaia accounts, but all were lost when something happened to make me have a long lapse of no-Gaia. Like, for instance, I totally forgot my log in and password, but it was all good cause' my computer had it on autoremember and I had it written in document...

Well, my computer crashed.

And I have too many e-mails to remember which I had used for it.

So here I am again, hopefully here to stay. Looking for RP partners (1 on 1 mostly, cause' it's easier to reply to when I've been gone for even so much as a few hours).

I love video games, my current one being Tales of Symphonia. I haven't beaten it. Chrono Cross and Harvest Moon are other favorites, and yes, I have a bunch of Pokemon games too. And Resident Evil 4, hopefully I'll get number 5 soon.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas FTW.

Anyway! I'm fourteen, a freshie, but I consider myself "above my age" many other itsy-bitsy teens. I'm a cheerful person despite the lack my's just that I have no clue who I'm talking to so how do I act? D:

PMs are love. Also, I have an
Art Shop.

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Neh, I'll finish my profile laterrrr...

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Rayann Usagi Report | 11/04/2009 6:05 pm
Rayann  Usagi
-oh my god it's the weird stalker girl from your shop feel free to ignore this comment Dx-
Buttt, I couldn't help but stop by and notice your profile... Because I enjoy reading about people? o.x;;
I dunno. D:
But, really, I was just reading over your profie and noticed that we share a bunch of the same interests... I guess. XD;;
Tales of Symphonia is one of the best games ever. I've never played Chrono Cross, but the anime was really good x.x I've been playing Harvest Moon since I was little, and Pokemon is another one of those best-game-ever ones. Resident Evil is also really good for a shooter game. XD;; -is a total gamer-
So, I guess I just came to ask if you'd like to roleplay about something? I dunno what, just whatever you think would work best. :3
I'm done now, so you can go ahead and call me weird or whatever, 'cause I know I am xD;;
X_Alice_Chii_X Report | 11/03/2009 3:57 pm
ok lol
X_Alice_Chii_X Report | 11/03/2009 3:44 pm
oh wow o.o gud luk on that. if u remember the email u used u can try and reset ur password for it.
X_Alice_Chii_X Report | 11/03/2009 2:00 pm
lol wow. xD thats alot of accounts : P
X_Alice_Chii_X Report | 11/02/2009 12:43 pm
maybe, and if that does happen i would be so happy ^.^ and i kno how u feel about the account thingy, xD this is my 3rd-4th one. i cant remember any of my others v.v lol poor me. u seem nice, so if u wanna chat sometime just pm me ^.^
X_Alice_Chii_X Report | 11/02/2009 3:03 am
hey, i saw ur art shop and i think ur drawings are rly kewl ^.^ keep up the gud work.


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