About me:

Hi you are now looking at my profile duh.
Well I'm been here of Gaia for 2 years now and I kinda like it. My name is Andres but I like it when girls call me Andy....by the way I'm 20 years old and I'm a Male!
I like to draw alot and I'm in college in a Major in Art I want to create my own Manga, Anime, and Video games too. I must work hard I good but not enough. Right now I have 3 ideas for a Manga that I'm developing I might tell only the ones I trust because I hate showing my stuff to other people who I don't trust! Well right now I'm writing the story for one but I'm not finish yet.
Well that aside I like to play Video games too but I never played any games that uses guns or war games because they don't get my attention sorry. I like pokemon games, and any other RPG game that looks like a Anime.
I have alot of Favorite Mangas that I won't list because its a long list but I tell you My favorite Manga and Anime its Negima for Manga and Fairy Tail for Anime.
I don't have any of my friends playing Gaia just one but he never gets in....He is in my Best friend list if you didn't know.
I'm currently Single but that will stay like that until I'll graduate from College...
I own a WII, PS3,3DS, and a PSP Go and I'm gonna buy the new WII U I can't wait....
Well I think thats it I do accept friend request but you better be my friend or else!!!! Just kidding I be your friend if your a good boy XD