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Blame the inflation you caused by buying gold generators, when you think I am over-charging you.

If I bought your Mis-priced item, PM me to get it back.


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SiCotic Oz

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Birthday: 10/26


I am not as active anymore, I usually log on my phone to read PM's but it might take a few days to reply since I just check when I'm bored.

Name's Oz.
I love buying art, so if you're an artist, PM me your samples and prices and we'll go from there. I still haven't found someone willing to do group art for me of anime style high-quality, so if you feel you're up to it, show me samples and tell me your prices, my funds are high so please do contact me.
If you want to play zOMG or do some Gaia Fishing, let me know, I'm usually up for it.
If you play xbox 360 or have Skype / Snapchat / Whatsapp, ask for my tag.
Do not message me for donations, it is incredibly annoying x.X

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