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*U* Hello, I'm often nicknamed Shy.

Birthday: September 23, 1989
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Sun sign: Virgo-Libra Cusp
Personality type: INFJ
Aspiring to be a: Doctor
Random blurb:
There are various possible descriptions about me; such as my being a usually cheerful puppy animegrl (who's perhaps hilariously sometimes crazy more often than not). Also, I'm far from the greatest RPer, but I'm as enthusiastic as my stressed mind lets me be. xD

Favorite animal: Dogs
Favorite color: Red in Various Pigments
Favorite RP genre: Adventure

TTwTT I love this song.

[Aka no Seijaku--Crimson Silence]

Japanese lyrics.

me wo tojite kanjiru kodou
mogaiteru kiri no naka jibun no basho sagashite iru
yamikumo ni kyou mo zutto

itami no nai sekai nante nai yo
tada furetai mamoritai dake
akaku somaru yuugure wo mitsumeru

Just look how beautiful is world
itsuka miteta yume wa tooku mabushisugite
chotto hazukashii kedo
guuzen ja nai kono deai de chigau jibun mitsuketa kara
atarashii ashita wo mukaeyou

nanigenai kotoba hitotsu sore ga sadame ni naru
mune ni sotto himeta mono wa sore wo shinjiru tsuyosa

ichibanboshi negai wo sotto inoru
honoo no you ni akaku akaku irozuku sora
subete tsutsumu yasashiku

Don't shut the light out of your life
yoru ga kitara yami no naka ni nomikomaresou
dakara kao wo agete
nagareteru kumo tsukiakari ni mieru
soshite sono yokogao nukumori kanjite
asa ga kuru

yoake no oto ga kikoete kuru nagai fuyu wa mou owatta
akaku shizuka na toki
guuzen ja nai kono deai de tsuyoi kizuna mitsuketa kara
atarashii ashita wo mukaeyou

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English lyrics.

When I close my eyes, this feeling starts
struggling inside the mist, seeking my own place
blindly for a long time until now

There's no such thing as a world without pain
I just want to touch and protect but
I can only stare at red skies

Just look how beautiful is world
someday you'll see your bright dream from a distance
it's a little embarrassing though
meeting you is not a coincidence, now that I found a different me
let's meet the new tomorrow

It doesn't give me any feeling, one word may become destiny
what is softly hidden within your heart I can strongly believe
I will pray for my dream to the brightest star
the color of the sky is changing like a red flame
which gently embraces my entire self

Dont shut the light out of your life
because when the evening comes you'll be lost in the middle of darkness
that's why try to raise your head
as the clouds move and clear up, you can see the moonlight
and you'll feel that warm feeling on the side of your face
tomorrow will come

You will hear the sound of dawn come to you
finally the long winter has ended
this is the time of red silence
meeting you is not a coincidence, now that I saw a strong destiny in you
let's greet the new tomorrow

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owo Oh, lookie, a sighting of my OC Viel, she's a cheerful one, heehee.

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c'8 And this guy here, he's my OC Ryu.

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My mission impossible is to get miles away from your wiles.
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