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Last Login: 01/16/2010 7:40 am

Registered: 04/27/2009

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Hey guys! ^.^ Names Valerie (Aya to some). I live in North Carolina… in a small town NOBODY has heard of. Lol. I have a passion for writing and drawing, hopefully pursuing a career in that. XD i randomly give out stuff... dont freak out if you randomly get something from me! smile My cousin is on here too but i always forget her screen name [Dang it!] so i will have to give it to you another time. My friends are amazin! Haha! XD I accidently deleted two of my pets.. dang it! I will have to go back and get them again.. if i remember what they were..... XD

R.I.P Buddy! greatest goldfish eva! </3 lol...

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I adopted a kitten!
Name: Neko
Age: 3 months
Likes: me, the sun
Dislikes: Rose….
Owner: me XD
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ll Tofy ll Report | 12/06/2009 11:36 am
ll Tofy ll
My avi is always awsome >.<
ll Tofy ll Report | 12/05/2009 5:44 pm
ll Tofy ll
Oh dear ._.
ll Tofy ll Report | 11/30/2009 6:25 pm
ll Tofy ll
Mah prediction was wrong then o-o
And i have to wear a jacket in mah own room @_@
ll Tofy ll Report | 11/27/2009 7:18 pm
ll Tofy ll
I thought it would be like under 20 degrees up there
Deaths_Lover01 Report | 11/27/2009 7:42 am
hey cuz
ll Tofy ll Report | 11/22/2009 9:24 am
ll Tofy ll
Su is it snowing up dar where you live?
ll Tofy ll Report | 11/17/2009 6:03 pm
ll Tofy ll
Hope u have fun then
ll Tofy ll Report | 11/16/2009 5:40 pm
ll Tofy ll
Actually, that story was a bit interesting
ll Tofy ll Report | 11/16/2009 5:36 pm
ll Tofy ll
Hm... wtf was it called? .-.
OH o:
The Landlady
ll Tofy ll Report | 11/16/2009 5:28 pm
ll Tofy ll
Yesss DX
But there was a weird story tho e.O
But i cant explain it right owo



Lookie who visited me!!

ll Tofy ll
ll Tofy ll