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Poetry Entry #1

In this entry I plan to share my poem I wrote when i was in a relationship with one of the best guys in the world, and also my (now) bestest friend ever.



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Birthday: 09/13

About Me xD

Hey! First off, you must have been at least a little interested in me since you are at my profile right now. So, for that, I thank you. heart And secondly, I should probably keep you interested and tell you all about me, myself, and (OF COURSE) I!! xD

I am not that interesting so I really have absolutely NO CLUE what to say on here. Ummmmm... Oh! i know what I can talk about! my name!


Well, i am a very shy person when i am around people i am not comfortable with, like new people or people i dislike, so if you want to get to know me, and you want to be my friend, you gotta give me a little time. smile That is all that I ask, oh and if you judge me... I will rip you apart for hurting me. ^_^ so dont try ok?

I can't really explain the "and" part lol so...... yeah.....

Finally the "unloved." Now, of course that part is kinda self explained. But here's the story about it.. you ready? ok here we go.... I have given my heart away to three guys. i know that sounds bad but whatever, it was all in the passed and honestly i am not to upset about it. I still have each guy in my life, and they are my closest and best guy friends. Some of the best that I have had, and all that had happened between me and them just made our friendship stronger. smile I am grateful to still have them so yeah. lol

~~And now we go to a new topic~~~~~ Away from my name~~

Ok, now since I have explained that I am commited to telling you about myself. smile

One of my BAD BAD habits is...... wait for it..... keep waiting....... here we go..... I trust people way to easily... :-/ yeah... i need to work on keeping my guard up. oh well smile it will work out for me eventually.

ummm another thing about myself..... Ummmm... My Name is Tabitha Marie, But most people call my Shy Shy or Sexy or (my favorite nickname) Baby Girl. Yeah, i know these nicknames are a little weird but WHATEVA. If you got a problem, I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT SO GO AWAY XD lol

So, yeah.. umm that's about all I got and I am just winging it here. Hope you enjoyed visiting and reading My Profile. If you like what you see, there's only one thing to do.... ADD ME AND CHAT ME UP! XD heart


heart ~Shy Shy~ heart


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my besties boyfriend :P I LOVE HER MORE YOUNGIN' xD dont forget that!

Dat's MEEEEE <3 xD

I have no bros or sissies on here sad