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art by The Legendary AJ

&& yea. "Good art is either expensive or free . . ." - Shuryn
Call me Shu.

It's about time I update my profile. Yeah, so I'm Shuryn. I'm quite polite, and often quiet, until you get to know me, at least . . .

I'm a creative creature, if you will, and I enjoy expressing my feelings through my actions. For instance, my mood may be shown through my avatar, my speech, or even my rarely-seen Photoshop creations! mad P:

I joined this crazyy cool site back in February 2OO5. Ever since then, I've been hooked. Despite the occasional lulls, I am usually very active here on Gaia. whee

Moreover, I am thoroughly interested in the Steampunk style and I convey this through a number of my avatars. Although, lately, I've been into the angelic/royal/gold&white themed avatar. I just love, love the way these come out. Anyway, I love to hang out in the the Exchange. Just to see selling and buying of yummy items is quite satisfying - not sure why, but it is. 3nodding
You can often find me in the Exchange wishing luck to people in their threads. Beware, I feed on threads with no or low posts, so don't be surprised if I'm one of the first visitors to your thread! pirate

Some of the things that keep me coming back to this great site are my friends and the joy I find in questing. One of my craziest quests was for the Angelic Sash, which I completed back in August '07, and I still have it today. heart

That's all I have on my mind at the moment. I shall add to this when I think of something else. Until then, enjoy!

Back in my Angelic Scarf days . . .
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The good .. ol' .. days ..


Mocha Mix Photography

Mocha Mix - My humble collection of Gaia memories. :)


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Report | 09/22/2013 10:21 am

[ P i n o y ]

Mostly all 03s/04s are inflated as hell
Starting from Ninja HB, Horns, A. Scarf, N. Scarf
Horns were once as high as an 03 scarf.
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Report | 09/19/2013 11:04 pm

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Nothing much man. Just going crazy with these unnecessary inflations. SMH.
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Report | 09/18/2013 11:11 pm

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Musical Mysterys

Report | 08/09/2013 11:57 am

Musical Mysterys

Can u tell me what ur eyes are called?
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Report | 08/08/2013 7:40 pm

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Hell no! Haha. Only people that pay $$ gets in there.
I'll never pay $$ for this site haha.
Got this with my own gold
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Report | 08/08/2013 7:37 pm

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Thanks! Took me a while to find one xd

Same here. I just ask for freebies haha
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Report | 08/07/2013 6:59 pm

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Lol, I kinda want to get those Mythrill Wings and looking for art cool
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Report | 08/06/2013 7:35 am

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Thanks man, I got tired of the sash lol
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Report | 08/05/2013 9:55 am

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Report | 07/30/2013 10:04 pm

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Yup, I think Im done exchanging too. Ill keep this sash for a while. Investing in it. Wait for it to inflate then maybe trade it lol. Thanks, Im already enjoying it cool


gaia_crown S H U S A Y S :

I've been dressing up my wishlist more than my avatar...
WHY ARE ALL OF THESE ITEMS SO GOOD? emotion_dowant emotion_bigheart

gaia_gaiagold Seeking/buying/wanting/needing/dreaming of/saving for:

• Divine Lunar Ascension (graciously gifted by Thunder Muffin heart )
• Lucky Constellation Hatsya
• Kumalita
• FMAB Seven Sins (Kieler_the_LAWL_2 is buying. Hit him up)