Shirley Tong

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HARHARHARHARHAR! Heed my advice, if anything troubles you @ some point in your life, eat some oranges and you'll be k! biggrin
ANYWAYS, aha, my name is Shirley ; 23 y/o, standing at 5feet&4inches, around 90lbs, 100% Chinese &nd I'm SUPER-DUPER PROUD of my culture!(;
I may seem shy and quiet at first, but once you get to know me better, I promise you'll see a WHOLE different side of me!
Life is pretty spiffy atm b/c I am blessed with such wonderful family, friends, & bf! :9
Oh yeah, I do play LOTS&LOTS of mmorpgs and rpgs during my free time, feel free to ask me what games I play cause you never know, we might be playing the same stuff!
Mmkay, that is all, kkthxbye!<33