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-x- Akiyo -x- on 07/22/2019

Me! Me!! Me!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Anthony Mccord and I'm a college student who is 23 years old.

This is my dream avi!
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Guitar of Angellus
Angelic Halo
Holy Gauntlets
Lightning Lash
Lyndexer's Journal 4th Gen.
Angelic Pendant
Elegant White Satin Vest
Elegant White Lord's Shoes
White Glamrock Jeans
Elegant White Satin Coat

Second dream avi!
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Titus the Lion
SDPlus Real S30 Fayren Pickpocket
Balanced Bundle
Nitemare Crown
Wicked Advisor
Compass of Seidh 7th Gen
SDPlus #216 The Empress
Mwee the Dragon

My not so impossible dream avi! COMPLETE!!!
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Included in Price:
Cecilia's Circlet
Powdy Pengy
White Glamrock Jeans
Pora Ice
Ice Prince
Bubble Power Transfor
Frontier Skies Water Medal

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Meet Shuichi and Yuki ^^ LONG LIVE GRAVITATION!!

The Impossible Avi T.T Wish Me Luck

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Whip of Ice
Shadow Spirit
Demonic Pendant
Santa Baby Gloves
Shade Ghost Hunter Utility Boots
Snowbored Pants Red
Ancient Katana
Treacherous Eloquent Tunic
Silver Promise Ring
Nitemare Scarf

HI HI HI!!! Hey people!!! Not many look at the story and if they do they don't leave many comments but I want to see what people think!!! So people if your bored as hell or just need something to do then go for the story!!!

This has been a public service announcement from our good friends at Psycho's Incorporated where the employees stab you. biggrin

Shuichi's Playlist

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I really would like this avi!!!

My Playlist


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GrimReapingDeath Report | 07/24/2018 1:34 am
-smiles back at him- college isnt stressful though midterms are this week gonk gonk gonk crying but that great working/making video games videos sounds cool and whose bday you celebrating ^.^ -purrs softly while nuzzling into his chest- ( lolol private message this conversation i think we shoulds)
GrimReapingDeath Report | 07/24/2018 1:24 am
-blushes and i nuzzle into his chest as he holds me nibbling my ear- good going to college now ^.^ started streaming video games so that's fun ^.^ i cam back again hopping id see my old friends and noticed you on my gaia page and went directed to your profile and wrote you T.T hoping id get you back and it worked - tears up slightly while smiling but tries to hide the tears-
GrimReapingDeath Report | 07/23/2018 10:37 pm
kya~~~~~ nya nya nya hows my shuichi kun? how has you been
GrimReapingDeath Report | 07/22/2018 4:43 am
NYYAAAAAAA~~~~~ * purrs* i miss you!!! i miss being on here! T.T its changed so much Shuichi Kun! i feel lost. AND I MISS YOU T.T
GrimReapingDeath Report | 07/12/2018 10:46 am
i miss seeing you on here! come back like i did fool!!
Moxxeh Report | 02/10/2017 4:48 am
angelic snow angel Report | 12/24/2016 10:26 pm
angelic snow angel
User Image
angelic snow angel Report | 09/21/2016 2:26 am
angelic snow angel
Thank you Anthony.
angelic snow angel Report | 09/19/2016 3:09 am
angelic snow angel
I am doing good.
angelic snow angel Report | 09/17/2016 8:14 pm
angelic snow angel
Hello, how have you been doing?

Become what you know and live with what you get otherwise how else will you be happy?