I like Alternative/Rock/J-Rock/J-Pop music and other things like Anime, Manga, going out and singing Karaoke, going to school, watching Tv. I just love yaoi as well....hehe... I'm currently into Role playing. I created a guild the name for it is The Official Togari Guild. I hope active people will join.^^You can find me on facebook, myspace, and playlist.com, ect. if you are a friend that I really know.
Osami Kyto
Remember If I truly know you, you can find me on those websites, but if i don't truly know you then don't bother sending me a friend request on those sites. I'm happy with how things are in my life, and I love pizza. One of my favorite songs that I've recently listened to is Beg by Evans Blue it's totally awesome!! I also have three websites that I created, and one that's not mine but I'm a mod....If you would like to join them please do so.

Things To Die for:
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I did not draw thing it is thanks to DickgasmII