Hi there, I'm Shroudy ^^ I come and go on gaia as my life lets me. Right now I have a bit of extra time so I'm here. I have had many accounts in the past and have drawn for many people. So don't be surprised if you've seen me under another name somewheres. I love arts and drawing arts and RPs. So if you have something I may be interested in than let me know ^^ I love the flirtings and cute boys and girls also <3 I also love dominate boys and girls <3

I usually have either an art store or a freebie shop open. Currently you can PM me with bribes for my arts. I also do backgrounds and stuff. Please don't PM about freebies or if you are going to be stupid.

I'm looking for someone to rp with who is literate. Who loves original rps as much as I do. Who loves making layouts and characters. Who doesn't like stealing art to make characters. Who likes small and one on one rps that don't post more than once a day. I am looking for a partner to make and create with. PM or comment with questions or comments <3