thanks and goodbye


i know i haven't been around. i've made so many great friends on gaia but i think i'm quitting gaia for good. some people have been really nice to me and donated to me tons of items i was questing for and i still thank y'all for that (eijirou, crane, know who you are) but i've realized now that i just don't have time or interest for gaia.

i started playing on gaia when i was a 16 y.o. teen with lots of time and i turned 20 earlier this year. i'm just way too busy with college now (double-majoring and trying to get into b-school haha dead) and rl crazy stuff and gaia doesn't feel at all important anymore.

i don't wanna ditch all the great friends i have here but i haven't been around enough to seem like a good friend anyway. i probably haven't even logged on in a year or more. i'm sorry.

so i'm giving my account to my cousin yumi and told her to gift some of the really expensive stuff back to the people who donated it to me in the first place.

i HAVEN'T been hacked.

if i ever come back to gaia it'll probably be with a fresh account, but i dunno if i'll be back. thanks for all the good memories.

love, shoko "shoxx"
dec 15 2oo8