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Name: Shousei (小生 - しょうせい)

Species: Fairy

Abilities: Able to know everythign about someone, something or someplace by making eye contact

Age: 8 years old

Occupation: Unknown

Location: House nearby the Misty Lake

Appearance: Blue hair, green eyes. Wears a green ribbon, a green jacket with a light green shirt under it. Wears a pale green skirt with golden engravins and white ends, and brown shoes. Has yellow-green wings.

Cirno (Mother)
Daiyousei (Mother)
Wriggle Nightbug (Friend)
Rumia (Friend)
EX Rumia (Phobia)
Mystia Lorelei (Friend)
Chen (Friend)
Letty Whiterock (Friend)

Shousei is the daughter of Cirno and Daiyousei. Being a fairy, she's not particularly strong, but is much stronger than her mothers. When she makes eye contact, she enters into her "Knowledge mode", where she'll talk about the person, thign or place she just ook glance of. During this mode her phsyciala dn danmkau strenghs go to be as strong heroines, but she rarley attacks. She only reacts to any threats. After getting out of her "Knowlege mode", she forgets whatever she said, so unless someone is there with her this ability is kind of obsolete

Fun facts:
Shousei is a polite way to say "I" in japanese, reference to Cirno ofttenly used "atai" for "I"


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Alternian Troll Report | 09/09/2009 2:37 pm
Alternian Troll
Atai Chiruno Report | 08/19/2009 9:54 pm
Atai Chiruno
Shousei-chan! <3 You're as beautiful as Dai-chan

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