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I'm a wizard in training, but not a very good one. It looks like the only thing I'm good at right now is magical cleaning, but I'll work hard to become stronger!

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I'm Shotaro. (All information posted in these journals will refer to a role-play character, not the user.) I'm attending Hogwarts, and not doing so well. But I will work hard to become a strong wizard, and impress my sister.

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Mewt Pawynt Report | 11/27/2009 9:51 pm
Mewt Pawynt
I'm waiting for college to come...

Nah, will be in college in a few months, I guess. Graduation's on April...ohh dear...

Yushi-senpai Report | 11/13/2009 8:45 am
PPP- love it! sorry, im just a random passer by, unable to supress a giggle upon seeing the botheringness
Mewt Pawynt Report | 11/02/2009 8:51 pm
Mewt Pawynt
and high school did the same for me too biggrin
Mewt Pawynt Report | 09/19/2009 2:41 am
Mewt Pawynt
Shotaro, it's been long! Do you still remember me?
Malevolent Facade Report | 05/03/2009 12:54 pm
Malevolent Facade
What kind of assignment is it?
Malevolent Facade Report | 05/02/2009 4:47 pm
Malevolent Facade
Good, bored, still in my pajamas.
Malevolent Facade Report | 05/02/2009 4:30 pm
Malevolent Facade
Hey Shotaru!
Mewt Pawynt Report | 04/06/2009 2:32 am
Mewt Pawynt
Oh, just don't think about that problem...Those links aren't going to die, after all...they can wait.. smile
Mewt Pawynt Report | 04/05/2009 9:17 pm
Mewt Pawynt
Hello Shotaru-kun! How are you doing?
Saigo no Uta Report | 04/02/2009 4:41 pm
Saigo no Uta
Haha, oh well. XD

I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

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Nitwit! Oddment! Tweak!

Nitwit! Oddment! Tweak!

Shotaro, you FAIL!

^Yuriko, my older sister.