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Lofty Ambition Report | 09/15/2023 9:35 pm
Doctor Missus Horrible Report | 04/30/2023 5:01 pm
Hey hey, sorry I haven't been chatty lately but I you hope lots of good days goin back to work and you just have pure success RAININGGG on you. Cheers and hugs for you and yours
Doctor Missus Horrible Report | 03/10/2023 2:58 pm
Thank you so much!I'm a little surprised that Vasilisa the Fair is a well known old story but happy so many recognized her.
Cherry Bliss Dee Report | 03/03/2023 11:56 am
yes not really a car guy but i will war hammer 40k/ weeb it up with stickers
Cherry Bliss Dee Report | 03/03/2023 8:14 am
thats what most of my 8 months of paychecks have been going to
Cherry Bliss Dee Report | 03/02/2023 11:08 pm
all buss cut off times are 12am next ones are 4am and thats like for 3 of the buses i need or would need to get home and uber works but trying to save money not waste it
Cherry Bliss Dee Report | 03/02/2023 10:08 am
yeah i know,that must have been shiiit,and i work for a company that works at a college so its nice has its perks for visual stimulus some of the female student body is like jesus you rolled out of bed like that for some pancakes respec but gyaaat damn, and yeah its a far walk from home need to take 2 buses but busses are now free with my work badge so silver lining.that would be nice if my one co-woker choose to do ******** anything like at all like he leaves at 11:30 when he is tasked with staying till 12:30 leaving me to do everything then leaving me to not get a ride home leaving me to have to walk home... im dishroom lead but its like even when i tell them s**t its like. YoU dOnT rEaLly HaVe ThAt TiTle YeT sO i DoNt HaVe To Do s**t u SaY. but also im thinking so far ahead to keep stuff flowing to keep on stuff because i know they wont like at all,
v my work mantra p much v
step 1 show up early,
step 2 do trash because morning shift didnt do it at all or put it down stairs and left it for us to do
step 3 bring out plates cups forks because morning shift didnt do it
step 4[/b ]do green containers because morning shift didnt do it
step 5 put back all the pots and pans because morning shift didnt do it
step 6 do the rounder with all the plates cups and dishes and food the students and staff didnt eat into green bins and send through the washing machine because morning shift just choose to ******** off early. and to have it clear so we can be not backed up
step 7 grab new green bins because the ones upstairs are full and morning didnt bring them down and grab new ones for late night shift
step 8 its now 930 and time for my break
step 9 dont lose my s**t dont lose my s**t dont lose my s**t im about to lose my s**t
step 10 dont lose my s**t and eat something
Cherry Bliss Dee Report | 03/02/2023 9:23 am
nah im a dishboy lmao.i wash dishes and other general utilities and this being the only job that was hiring at the time i took any hours i could get i told them ill do and stay as late as possible if i have a ride home if i dont im out at this time and they seem to be abusing that but we have more people now so its bettter but still rough when people want to call out not show up show up late show up high show up hungover,i prob take my job more serious then i should but it was the only place hiring. my hours are 4pm-12am and the busses stop at 11:30 the next bus after that is 4am.... yeah so that's fun
Cherry Bliss Dee Report | 03/02/2023 9:17 am
sorry for the wall of text lmao and yeah mainly every day s**t has been log in do daily log out i miss flash and downloading another browser for it is like miss me with that sh*t.
also making AI art lewd stuff but can't share that here but i can share this one User Image
Cherry Bliss Dee Report | 03/02/2023 9:07 am
yeah been busy with work and soon we have a week off that i really need to get other stuff done and to relax im overworked and tired and seemingly always ditched to walk home my shift ends at 12midnight and i dont have a ride home and the busses stop running so im fkd all the time my job wants to get rid of late night but they have been trying to get rid of it for years but it does not really help when we have people that just want to walk around and not do s**t and still get paid or do sneaky s**t and avoid working its uuuuuugh half the time but today is the last shift for a week sorry for rambling on and unleashing it all on you but its hard to keep a happy face this week each day dragged on and on and it was just like today is the final day wooooooooooo

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