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If you have come here seeking my WL, please know I am having a horrible time keeping reasonably priced items on it. So in lieu of trying, I will just share some likes with you smile Favorite schemes are Toxic, Acidic, really anything with lime green, Demonic, and CMYK. I like horror or creepy things, as well. If all else fails, I collect RIGs and do not care how old they are or what type, it's just great fun opening them. If you are reading this, thank you for caring enough to check it out! <3

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I made a wish on a shooting star........

Time to update again xd

About Me IRL:
Momma of four special kiddos, wife to an awesome guy, Girl Scout leader, bibliophile, makeup junkie, currently employed as a receptionist and gopher at a tattoo shop.

About Me on Gaia:
I've been on Gaia since 2004. I rarely post, but when I do it is in the Exchange or AT. I enjoy Gaia a small bit less since tektek is gone, but I still focus most of my time on my avi. I love gifting - sometimes anon, sometimes not.

NOTICE: If you are looking for one of my recolors and it is being inflated on the MP, please message me to see if I have one available for you.


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Kiriad Report | 12/21/2019 12:38 am
Oh! I’m so happy for you!!!! Congratulations!!!!
I wish you the best in your new job! emotion_bigheart
You Christmas plans sound lovely! I can imagine their excitement. Hey, I’m 34 and I still get so excited for Christmas hahahaha
Kiriad Report | 12/19/2019 6:58 pm
Hey, my beautiful Star!!!!
Yes! The items are so adorable! I love!
Matthew is SUPER excited! He keeps counting down the days and asking “Mom the 25th we get the presents, right?” Hahahaha
He already know this, but he likes to make sure xd
How are you? How are you spending Christmas?
Angels Alibi Report | 02/27/2018 10:10 am
Angels Alibi
gaia_moon gaia_sakura Name your favorite color//color scheme c: gaia_sakura gaia_moon
Kiriad Report | 10/11/2017 6:17 pm
Yes, I’m flying out with Matt.
My hubby is staying behind for now.
I’ll be staying with my brother in Florida.
Is the best I can do for my kiddo. This is stressful and every day is something new.
I can sincerely say that my area is not that bad, but in the last few days in a town close to mine it was reported of a disease that’s happening from contaminated water!
Yeah... that’s scary! If you are watching the news or reading (specially CBS with David Begnaud he is doing an amazing job here in PR!) you can see that things here aren’t getting better yet.
Far from it.
illuna x Report | 07/20/2017 10:16 pm
illuna x
I love your avatar. You look great. whee
Angels Alibi Report | 03/10/2017 9:36 am
Angels Alibi
Awww thank you! ; w;
The hair has poses for Celestia, Cadence and Luna as well (and Starlight Glimmer in a way)
Three others did Celestia, Luna and Cadence avis and they look awesome
Angels Alibi Report | 02/27/2017 9:11 am
Angels Alibi

also omfg your kids are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!! ; w; I love the family picture!
Angels Alibi Report | 02/23/2017 5:19 pm
Angels Alibi
I hope so too x.x I used to get both a ton as a kid and even was hospitalized for it once, but before they could remove my tonsils I ended up needing a different surgery and then they didn't act up again
Last thing I need is a surgery now ; ;
Kiriad Report | 02/13/2017 4:19 pm
Oh my I'm suffering with it!
Let's suffer together! Hahahaha
Kiriad Report | 01/23/2017 7:33 pm
Thank you! I'm keeping him with me here tomorrow so I can give him his medicine at all his times and attack that now that is starting.


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