Hello there! So you have come to learn more about me eh? Currently I am 28 and I am about to start a doctorate program in the fall.

I have been on and off gaia since 03', my first account being Lady Almathea (originally names Total Eclipse). I names it after the last unicorn. But only did I realize I spelled her name wrong in 08'. xD I am an art addict and I love love love to roleplay. Sadly I don't always have as much time as I would like, but if for some reason you wish to RP with me feel free to pm me. I can play both male and female roles though depending on the storyline I may prefer the female persuasion.

"Sometimes darkness
seems never-ending,
but in life everything is temporary.
hang in there.
life will shine brightly once more.
Never give up."
*~AuStIn~* R.I.P. c>


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[- licks -] emotion_kirakira

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mew mew mew

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Haven't talked in a while! ;u;
Giuseppe DeAngelo

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Giuseppe DeAngelo

You might want to enter this. You've still got time, thanks to an extension.

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[- twirls in and dances all over your profile -] ~<33333333
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Giuseppe DeAngelo

Hey, pssssst?
Want to win some free art? There are only a few more people needed before the artist begins her raffle.
If you have a Facebook account, you have to 'like' some page for a contest she's in. 3nodding
I have to say, she's pretty good.
Here's a link.
If you refer me, I earn an extra slot too. 3nodding
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Giuseppe DeAngelo

Sorry for suddenly leaving. Had to walk the dog.
Anyways, now I have to shower and pack my back for school/college/whatever.
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Giuseppe DeAngelo

Giuseppe DeAngelo

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Giuseppe DeAngelo

Marine biology, huh?
That would be a good cover-up for mobsters.
"Hey, why are you dumping all that cement in the sea?"
"It's a test"
Giuseppe DeAngelo

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Giuseppe DeAngelo

I'm assuming you've already found a place then?
Or will you go there with someone? (*Completely forgot your age and marital status*)

I guess what I'm trying to ask is: What's the reason for suddenly moving there?
Work? Education?


I need a new thing here...*ponders*