Hellos to anyone reading this....might not be many of you. Why
am I doing this again? Oh right yes..to tell you more about
myself if you wish to know.

As almost everyone knows by now I'm bi and loving it. I love all
my friends with everything I am. I don't really like to fight I just
would want everyone to be ok and together not pushed apart.

Umm I know there is much more to be said but I'm just to
damn lazy to put it all here. So this will do until next I feel to
put more up. If anyone has a suggestion or anything that they
want up here just pm me or whatever.


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Shizuka's Thoughts

anything i can think of to put in here



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Shizzy smile

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Yeah thats how I feel as well about doing anime roleplays. I like OCs the most really lol

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Yaoi, Fantasy, Original Stuff, Anime etc.

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Yeah but I think Im getting back into it smile

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No just lost the flare I once had for it

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Wow thanks smile and yeah I roleplay a bit not as much as I used to.
Chiyuki Ishida

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Chiyuki Ishida

yeah, but most of the time "i don't care" days suck hence the name haha
Really :[ and your right practice makes perfect [:
Chiyuki Ishida

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Chiyuki Ishida

A lot of things get worse with old age lmao
Your welcomee ^^ Yeah, I know how that is. Today is an "I don't care" day for me.
I love it too but I just failll at it. I have to stop at 10 tickets or else I lose. ^^''

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Excuse me but i am a closet transvestite and i want advise on how to hide it for instance you can see by my arms, chin and hands that this is a boy avatar.
I wanted to join your guild to get advise on how to hise these things with certain gaia clothing in a fasionable color that makes it look like im a girl,
i do have a money limit for a certain time but i want a guide on how to move in the right direction.
I do have a bf but i do not want him to know, if i join your guild which i was hoping to join he would get a notice.
So i was wondering if you could give me the name of a pro-closet transexual to give me the advice to cover these things up.
Thank you for reading i hope you respond.


Bi? Gay? Straight? Transgender? Hermaphrodite? Come to this guild, and meet other members. Safe environment for everyone that is anyone

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