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Each day is a different new day with skies being new canvases ~ each day the colour of the sky and the clouds are different. House chores may seem the same but it's different than the chore you did yesterday. So let's be happy and start our lives fresh in each new day, because we do not know whether we'll be able to live to see the next new day.

Enjoy your day everyone! biggrin

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sen of saturday Report | 06/25/2016 4:02 pm
sen of saturday
How's the hikkoshi going? All done? Almost done? How is your Mum? How does she like the new house? ^_^** It must be so exciting to move into a new house ~ are you on summer holidays now? When are your marks coming in? I bet you're super busy with moving house, and finding a baito ~ are you looking for a baito? I think I remember you said your Dad asked you to or something?If you should find a baito does that mean you will have to give up your internship? Cos like wow when you get back to school you'll have the baito, the internship AND school… but then I'm sure you can figure things out ^_^ /

I finished part 16 last night! (or early this morning) ~ so today I will wrap it up and prepare for part 17; imma do part 18 first LOL, so that I feel like i'm finished hahahahahaha ~ then do part 17 last ^_^; Could've gotten extra sleep but I guess I'm preprogammed now; I wasn't accustomed to sleeping that long or at that time of day ^^;

I'll be dropping by my accountant aunt's house after church to drop off a tiny thank you present for her, and for her assistant who is leaving for Qatar ~ I think she might be moving there. My aunt said she should've left before Ramadan started but now I think she has until Eid'l Fitr to get there, when is it, do you know? I only found out this past week, but she didn't say exactly when she was leaving so I was in a hurry to give her -something- before she left ~ I wish I could've gotten her something nicer but payday is still next week ehehe ~

Speaking of which omg your birthday is coming soon! Been racking my brainz to think of something I can do for you ~ help me out? Ehehe ~

My other aunt / my mom's sister is back with us 0_o So Akin is having to be tied up again 0_o You see my dad (loooooooooooooong story) won't have her in the house, so she stays in the maid's room which is over our garage, so that means the maids are in the tree room ~ which, I don't know if you remember, should've been Akin's room… Akin can't be free roam cos she doesn't know my aunt, and growls at her like my aunt was some mugger on a sidewalk LOL ~ so now Akin's tied up again 0__O;; I'm really upset about that; to think I had developed a new *bad habit* ~ I like to open the upstairs window, and toss apple jacks to Akin ~ since she's free roam she goes to it (if I miss and it lands far from her). I know I shouldn't waste food (my mom bought me like A LOT of apple jacks cos she knows I like them ~ but omg it was SO MUCH (I gave some to my sister!!) (and I share with the nephew and nieces) (but it is not running out any time soon) ~ so I share like a little with Akin haha ~

Funny how that dog really… takes up so much of my affections lol

Anyway I hope you're having a great weekend and that everything is going smoothly back there ~ take care and I hope you're getting some well-earned rest now after all those weeks of studying and exams ^__^**

*glomps x glomps*
sen of saturday Report | 06/20/2016 5:23 pm
sen of saturday
I just had a bad dream >< (I find it amazing how I can even dream during these naps I take; I mean they're just short sleeps! I just had one cos I am logging in to work in a bit)

I dreamt we let Akin loose in a small town (not even in the city), a small provincial one. I could fly in my dream (I can fly in a lot of my dreams) and while flying one day I saw Akin in a group of three stray dogs (including her) ~ one was exactly like her (cos she is a very common street dog) while the other was mostly black and not quite as furry. She looked mangy and well, dirty like a street dog. I saw her and for a minute I thought omg it's Akin, but then the other dog that looked exactly like her went up beside her so I thought no it's not, it's just another Akin-type dog.

But then you know, one of the two Akin-type dogs in the group came up to me; knowing that they were strays (and might bite me), I started to fly away, but I usually have great difficulty overcoming gravity in my dreams, so it took me a long time to rise into the air. On my way up, the dog was able to just reach my foot with the tip of her nose, and I realised it was Akin sniffing at me. So I came back down and let her sniff me all over like she did. And I said I was sorry for not recognising her and asked her how she was doing.

And then I went home and saw my aunt (who stays with us intermittently) and my dead grandmother and my mom, and I told them I saw Akin in the street and asked them, why did we let her go in the first place?? Then I woke up ><
sen of saturday Report | 06/20/2016 7:26 am
sen of saturday
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Just remembered it was the 21st tomorrow, and that that was the last day of your exams, yes?

Sending you ganbatte x good luck glomps; I know you will do splendidly, Shizen-chan heart
sen of saturday Report | 06/15/2016 7:50 am
sen of saturday
Hey Shizen-chan ^_^ / Just thought I'd pop in; was gonna say hi after I finished work today but yeaaah my lousy wifi x ancient chrome are conspiring against me 0_o Caught up two articles today so I only have one left to do for the week, hopefully I can get that done tomorrow ~ wish I could say I was all caught up now, but considering the schedule I made I should've been done with the last one today so haha ~

Anyway am about to start my night shift in earnest now (although i've been awake for a while) ~ am usually harder starting at night than I am in the mornings lol, although i think i was faster tonight ~ anyways if you're staying up tonight as well i hope you get tonnes done ~ and imma try my best as well ^_^

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sen of saturday Report | 06/13/2016 3:00 pm
sen of saturday
Ohayou!! Have a few minutes to spare so just thought I'd say good night (or good morning LOL) ~ finished a little bit more than my quota tonight, yay! So just waiting for my alarm to go off for my 6am to 8am nap (cos i log into work at 8:30 cos work starts at nine) ~ haha!

My sister uses my mom's old desk ~ I used to use it… but the battered old desk I'm using now, which I've known all my life, I understood that it was my dad's, but then I heard much later on that it was a grand uncle's?… I climb all over my desk and sit and stand on it and I hear it crack and creak and I'm pretty sure that one of these days it's just gonna give way underneath me LOL

But you know, I think stubborness can be a good thing too, depending on the situation ~ like if it's something where you really shouldn't compromise x you really just should stick to your guns, or if it's something where you really must stick to a certain quality standard, then I think stubborness can be a very good thing actually ^__^ /

But yeah Ikea for the win (omg just now I spelt it Aekea hahaha hanging out on gaia too much) ^__^ /

Anyhow I'm so very glad you got to use your holiday well (it was our independence day on the 12th! but i doubt anyone noticed cos since it was sunday we didn't get the day off or anything LOL) ~ it's a good break from all the studying you've been doing! But yes I totally agree x understand ~ the thing sometimes about scheds n calendars we draw up for ourselves is if we don't stick to it x we miss a day n we can't help it (cos of, you know, LIFE lol) ~ we end up getting discouraged n such ~ I know cos it happens to me ALL the time, n i keep having to make adjustments!!

Ja i'd better get going ~ gotta lie down n close my eyes at least for a little ~ even if that's not real sleep, well, it's gotta count fer something lol ~

Have a great week ahead Shizen-chan ~ keep up the great work!! You inspire me!!

sen of saturday Report | 06/12/2016 7:08 am
sen of saturday
Shizen-chan, how was your weekend? Hahas noooooes you must save for yourself meoow meoooow you've given me so much already ^___~*** v

Wow I was making pretty good progress today ~ until the late afternoon, I suddenly felt very sleepy 0___O;; N that in spite of this lovely cold strawberry drink I had (well, it's the yummiest, but the weakest energy drink I know ~ I generally drink it for fun x just to feel like I drank something but I don't really expect to stay awake lol) ~ so I've been taking these disjointed naps, so here I am I've only just woken up ~ I haven't finished my quota for the day yet; I was almost finished when I started getting sleepy, I was even thinking wow maybe I can do a little extra lol ~ oh wells ~ imma just finish the quota then go to sleep-sleep, I plan on sleeping a few hours (n not just two) to build up my reserve for the week lol ~

Ja it's a brand new week for both us ~ let's both do our best to make it count!! ^__~** *glompy-glomps!!* emotion_bigheart
sen of saturday Report | 06/10/2016 12:49 am
sen of saturday
I cried out of nowhere today in the middle of the afternoon while working on an article about fear (for once it's not about business or finance LOL) ~ and i remembered you! i guess i'm really stressed lol ~ then again I haven't slept or lain down at all for… a good long time haha. I'm not even tired or sleepy at all ~ i can concentrate enough to write this article even. I guess sleep really is overrated haha

How was your biochem exam cutey? Whatever the outcome I am proud of you for doing all you could (which, in the end, as I always say, is all anyone can do or can expect anyone to do) ~ now perhaps you can take a little rest? You still have exams until the 21st desho? Wouldn't want you to get burned out before then ~ You can get back to studying bright and early again tomorrow…

Take care always ^_^** And keep up the brilliant work!! heart
sen of saturday Report | 06/09/2016 3:01 am
sen of saturday
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sen of saturday Report | 06/08/2016 5:48 pm
sen of saturday
ganbatte my shizen-chan ~ i know you will do well heart
sen of saturday Report | 06/07/2016 11:05 am
sen of saturday
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