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Location: Stuck at Bass'ken. I wanna go home to Aekea!

Birthday: 10/07/1984

Occupation: Disgruntled ex-slacker.

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Hey there. Not much to say about me, I suppose.

I feel much, much older than I am. I'm not the sunshine bubble I used to be, either; I'm not friendly and I've lost my patience for the same sort of self-absorbed, quasi-teenage stupidity I used to perpetuate. I'm a gamer, though I don't play nearly as much as I used to. No groups around here that I've found. I enjoy roleplay more than roll-play. I'm into linguistics, though I haven't had a chance to really study anything in school.

Yes, I also like anime. Mostly mecha series. Transformers is my first and strongest love, and I'm not terribly picky. It's all good; no version is any better than another as far as I'm concerned. I can't say I'm not partial to one or two particular iterations, but that doesn't make them better than any other, either. Super robots are good, too; do you like Sunrise's Yuusha series, such as GaoGaiGar? Super Robot Wars? Getter Robo or Mazinger? Or even the truly impossible, like Daitarn-3 or Daiouja? PM me sometime and we might have a chat.

No, you aren't better because you have x items or joined on x date; I've never understood this mentality. Get over yourself. Other pet peeves: pricing gold shop items higher than their actual gold shop prices, rude or overly confrontational Marketplace store fronts, roleplay threads/guilds with post minimum requirements, gaudy/ostentatious post formats with rainbow text and/or large or multiple images.

In character and out, I'm an Aekean through and through. (Still hammering out the specifics of my character bio, however.) Robots and cyborgs are people, too, and don't you forget it.

Yes, I did in fact manually alphabetise my interest tags.

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Of GAR and Cynicism

Roleplay, random musings, mecha ramblings, and complaints about stupidity in general.

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JunkBot Rotogin Report | 08/21/2013 8:23 am
JunkBot Rotogin
Thank you. I'm always looking for upgrades too. Never know when something better comes out.
JunkBot Rotogin Report | 07/12/2013 4:06 pm
JunkBot Rotogin
I like your avatar construct.
Tattooed princess Report | 01/25/2013 11:30 pm
Tattooed princess
Thank you for your purchase!
Cloud Riven Report | 05/04/2012 4:45 am
Cloud Riven
Thanks again for the paper cool
PedaI Report | 05/03/2012 12:26 pm
User Image

Helios Vangore Report | 03/08/2012 7:53 pm
Helios Vangore
I have no idea what that is....
iMiyuko Report | 02/13/2012 5:38 pm
thanks for buying! heart
Gundamu Report | 05/27/2011 7:54 pm
You mean Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider OOO? Good shows.(and it's CycloneJoker. Ah, you'll see when you watch it.)
Gundamu Report | 05/27/2011 7:40 pm
Pretty much. If you love G Gundam you'll be just fine with Kamen rider.
Gundamu Report | 05/27/2011 7:22 pm
Can you tolerate G Gundam?


[b:117fba42ff]Strength is in steel, not numbers.[/b:117fba42ff][/size:117fba42ff]
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Hey there, fellow Gaians! Welcome to my little corner of the market! Feel free to take a look around, browse the goods, stand and chat, whatever. You might find something you need! Or perhaps something you had no idea you were looking for. Either way, I hope you find it for a fair price.

You must remember, though, maintenance for a combat-grade robot like me comes at no small price, so I can only do so much haggling; nevertheless, I try to stay on the lower end of market prices at the time of listing.

Currently Questing: gold
Always After: Polearms (spears, halberds, poleaxes, lances, etc.)

All I really ask is that you try not to track a bunch of mud in here, okay? Okay.


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