Shiroyuki Wataruku

Hi my name is ShiroyukiWataruku. I have lived on this big rock for 25 years now with experiences of fun, depression, love, and hate. I am a overweight fella for my height and age I'd say, but I still enjoy life smile I hang with friends when possible, or game with them. I work at a not ideal job, but where it lacks the full stamp of approval, It has many factors I love. Coworkers, Easy going, and currently the highest paying job I have reached haha.

I know Gaia is just simply a social site, but with many other aspects such as a place for artist, gamers, even political people. I hope one day that Gaia may become a place for more than just friendship for me though. If it happens, I'd love to find that special lady that I can have a connection with. We can tell eachother anything. Whether its close by or long distance, I wanna meet someone. Sadly I am more shy in person so I will either not talk or will try random small talk. Even by phone or VOIP I am mostly quiet unless I feel comfortable or have something interesting to talk about. As far as my relationship in the future. I don't care where your from, another country, across the U.S. Hell if we find E.T. I'll be the weirdo that would try to start a relationship hahahahaha. I will say though If you really wanna get close to me in that way. I like to be super weird and even act creepy at times to entertain friends or even simply myself. You could say I'm kinda crazy haha.

So to add a small bit of info to help identify me.
Age 25
Sex Male
Country USA
Ethnicity White
Pets 2 Cats

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Extreme Gaydar Report | 04/17/2017 6:03 pm
Extreme Gaydar
Two answers for your two things:
1. Thank you so much haha
2. I like the purple too haha, the color scheme is called Byzantium.