Hey Gaians!Sorry, I haven't been on for awhile, so I am SO not updated with anything. I think last time I went on was like last year or something cuz of school.

Want to know more about me??Look below:

Who I am:
I am: a girl (obviously)
From: Japan
I speak: English, (some) Japanese, and (not very good) French

My Likes:
I eat: ice cream, ramen, soba, and takoyaki
I listen to: Big Bang, Super Junior (M, T, KRY, H), Shinee, Ast'1, 2NE1, and some rap music
I hang with: my friends!
I RP in: different kinds but haven't been on lately...
I love: dogs and bunnies!
I can't wait: for Gokusen the MOVIE to come out!
Want to learn: Korean and skateboarding
Want to go to: Korea to see my friend and Big Bang
Want to meet: my best friend in Korea
Want to watch: A new drama...

My Dislikes:
I don't eat: ginger or umeboshi (sour plum)
I hate: people that think they're all that when they're not
I hate learning: in the summer XP
I don't want: to be around friends I can't trust

I Reccomend:
To Watch: Gokusen 1,2, & 3, Bloody Monday, and Love Shuffle
To Listen: Big Bang, Super Junior (M, T, KRY, H), Shinee, Ast'1, 2NE1
To Eat: Takoyaki! biggrin

RP(s) I'm in: *~Here to Serve, But Not to Love~*
Why: It's my own RP!
I want: people to join my RP!
Created: ~*Here to Serve, But Not to Love~*
Thinking of: an RP like Love Shuffle
Join in: Different kinds (I like trying them all)

I created an RP! It's called *~Here to Serve, But Not to Love~* and I say it's pretty cool, so please check it out and join if you want. Besides that news, 2NE1, the korean YG girl group has come out with a new music video! It's called I Don't Care and it's for all those girls who have been played by stupid guys. The song is telling girls that if the guy is just going to keep on playing, then their not going to care anymore and not be with them. It's catchy and inspiring for girls!

Multi Media:
Song: I Don't Care
Group: 2NE1
Reason: I've been listening to this song and it's awesome! 2NE1 is so cool and their going to become bigger and bigger. At first I didn't like them in Lollipop, but after I watched Fire, I am such a fan!


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Shiro-chan Says...

My writing mark in english is 86,not bad,but not a 90,oh well.I still like to write stuff,I know I'm weird.^^ I usually like to write stories,but I tend to change it, so sometimes I'll write random stuff in here.NOTE: I know that I'm weird. XD



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Report | 05/30/2010 5:48 am


COME BACK ON. We have to go to the gaia convention together.

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Report | 12/09/2009 6:21 pm


2012 tomorrrrow!

Report | 07/31/2009 4:09 am


umm helllo in english you beat all of us.
9 days is gonnnna go by sooooooo fast!
wii fit?!! SO LUCKKKY. Yeah I'm average too.. how much do you weigh then? wii fit is soo much funn hahahahahaa. i like the 'step' thing.

Report | 07/27/2009 7:55 pm


of course you made the honour roll silly. you're smart, and stop saying yoru dumb!
when are you going to japan againnn? i bought ur gift from hk! 4laugh it's a different.. a new style... because you kinda changed as a person.. ish. so yeah. biggrin
i went to disney landd! the one in hk was small.. but my favourite ride is space mountain! i wanted to take pictures w/ cinderella&snow white but they left... but i saw them though! sighh. i don't know why but in hk, the main character is like stitch. i'm going to disney land again sooon. yay!
so did you start my chibi yet?[/black]

Report | 07/23/2009 8:11 pm


Blue glasses? hmm... errr I dunno about that. I think black looks nice. LOL. I remember your pink glassses...
okay maybe you aren't rich... but your family is a happy one!! I think.. well you and Saki are happy.. i think. i think.... your sister still has summer school right? Oh yeah did you get your report card yet? Or did you go there again and it wasn't open. hahahahahhaahha. blaugh
3 weeks, yep! Why are you scared?? why why tell me why.
oh that's good that you spent more time with him.. did you do the usual things aggain? Well everyone gets sad. you have to overcome this together so you can be strongerr! when does he start school?

my avi's colour is black...
you need to draw my eyes for chibii?

Report | 07/22/2009 7:28 am


YAY for new glasssses! What colour do you want!
You're rich . your whole family is rich! -__-
chingy.. sighh. jojo.. sighh. they always have funn. :[
it's BINA, not BRINA. ARGH. Go and hang out with them before you go to japan... you have like.. less than a month?
actually, you should spend more time with jam. srsly. i don't wanna scare you but you guys MIGHT not last.
wow only an hour w/ him? that's not a lot..... i spend that time like on the computer. X/
you won't sound clingy... you will soound NEEEDED.

srsly. go talk to him and tell him how you REALLY feeel.

yeah relationships doo suck.

Report | 07/20/2009 10:13 pm


Well i didn't really jet lag. i was soooo excitedddd!!! i still AM excited! i might go to the hk disney land this saturday! i got new glasses too! they are wickedly awesome!
WHY AREN'T YOU SLEEEPING. sighh. your racoon eyes are gonna be masssive!
go to wonderland and have some fun! who cares about money.. get a job then! did you see chingy or jojo or bina lately?
you're such a dramatic lover.
check out some of the art shops! umm first you ask the person to give u $. then you save the pict in your photobucket and give them the link. you ask them to save that picture in THEIR photobucket just incase you delete the picture in your photobucket.
i bet your confused now... i bet you have to read the photobucket thing 2 times.. AHHAHAH. YEAH COLOUR MY CHIBI.

why is your time cut in half with him? you aren't busy with anything! or is HE busy?

Report | 07/20/2009 9:58 pm


Hahaha, I won't stay forever... although i may stay longer.. i might leave on the 21st. MIGHT. MAYBE. MAYBBBBBE. :] it's only one weeeek more.
YES, of course I still have the lead pencil! heart its my lucky lead pencil... i use it for tests! but like the rubber part, the part where you hold it, it's kinda cracking because i bite on it. ( it's not gross..... ) SURE! I would love a lead pencil! but anything will doooo! biggrin biggrin biggrin

well i checked out your rps, and they are doing pretty good.. already like.. what 3 pages? that's gooood!
YES! start an art shop! yes, one eye is okay lol. are you gonnna colour my avi? are u gonna draw it , then scan it, or do it on the computer?

BTW, hows JAMMM? everything alright between u and him? is he still always hanging out with his friends?

Report | 07/20/2009 1:59 am


blaugh you know how to do chibi nowww? OMG DRAW MEEE. PLEASEEE. and then that can be like a sample or something! 4laugh hmm.. if you know how to draw chibi, you should open a art shop too.. ppl love chibi and you can make MULAA! LOTS OF MULAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yesss, i have internett. but it's pretty slow, but oh well.
yes, i like my avi too. it cost me like 40K. i'm broke. only 120k ish! AHHHHH!

I MISS YOU TOO. I LOVE HONG KONG. I WANNA stay here foreverrr! it's great seeing my relatives and stuff.. the foods good, and everything is cheap cheap! but i guess i have to go back to canada.... BORING canada.. hong kong is soo funn!

i miss our late night calls toooo.

me: hi
u: hi whats up?
me:nm. you?
u: same. *sigh*
me: *sigh*
u: *sigh louder*
me: *goes and texts you and say "I'm BORED."