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~~~""Hello, I am Shirahime Yamaichidou. I once lived in district 80 along with my friend Tobi. She and I are extreamly close. We servived the 80th district together and after that, I don't suppose anything could seperate us. She protected me most of the time, up untill we got cought up in a little trouble and she was hurt. I got me butt kicked. . .but I tried! Later on we were both accepted into the 13 court guard squads. I was taken into the 10th division, and Tobi into the 11th. She now for some reson beyond me. . .has a crush on Zaraki-Taicho. Anywho. . . another good friend of mine would be Momo Himamori. She refuses (most of the time) to let me set her up with Taicho. . .but she'll come around one day! Though I think Matsumoto- fukutaicho may already have dibs on him. . .oh well things should work out."" ~~~~

RP Info-

Apperance-User Image ((My art))
Username- Shirahime Yamaichidou
RP Name- Shirahime Yamaichidou
Division and Rank- Division 12 seat 3

Age- 503

Race- Shinigami

Zanpakuto- Yukimaru (snowman)

Shikai- Triggered by the command "Seishuku Buriza-do" (Silent Blizzard)

Shikai Ability- The blade disappears into 'dust' wich quickly turns into a raging storm of ice and snow. While within the giant strom nothing can be heard except wind. As/if they become frantic Shirahime slowly starts cutting at them, rushing in and out of the snow. Not being heard or seen put her at an advantage. Sometimes. . .

Zanpakuto apperance- User Image

Shikai- After it Disappears another one forms.
User Image

Bankai- none as of now

Apperance-/-Personality-- Shirahime is rather short for her age, but she makes up for her hight with spirit. She always wairs a shiny black choker equipt with a small blue gem. Given to her by her grandmother before she passed on, its very dear to her. Shirahime is hardly ever in a depressed mood. Mostly contimpt within any spot. She has a some-what shot temper, though her fuse is not easily lit. Shirahime becomes a completely diffrent person around those close to her. Her normally calm stature breaks out into complete random-ness. Though when around someone close to her, if they're her superior, she has the highest respect twords them. She has a strange politeness about her, always calling someone -Sama, -Taicho, or -Senpai; and never anything less.

Bio- Shirahime was a small child when sent into the Soul Society. She died of a multitude of illnesses. When first introduced to the Soul Society, she quickly found out her grandmother had been seen close by to where she was resigning. Shirahime met up with her just in time to watch her fade away in her arms. After that she trained long and hard all day, every day that she could. Her hard work finnally paied off when she was recognized and was sent off to train for the Gotei 13.

Other- Plays the Flute and Piccilo, Loves Chinese Bell-flowers, walking around during the night, moonlit snow, the moon in general, snow in general, spicy foods, Art, drawing of any sort, training and making herself better.


Arigatou Abila-Senpai! (she did the Chibi)

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"Owari nonai kanashimi kara dokka e"

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o-tanjōbi omedetō gozaimasu

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i have always been noitra D_D

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thank you
Tsuyoshi  Mori

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Tsuyoshi Mori

-waves- Konnichi wa Shira-san. Ogenki desuka?
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That is most fortunate indeed; I agree such parties are always pleasant on special occasions such as birthdays.
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Konnichi wa Shira-chan. . . .-smiles- Genki desu. . .
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Is that so; you had a good birthday, I trust?
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Ah, that is good to hear; I have been relatively well, most relieved all this Christmas business has passed I will admit.
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Ah, Yamaichidou; it has been quite some time since we last spoke, you have been well, I trust?
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Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Eve, Shirahime-san...


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