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Shippo the adult

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Gender: Male

Birthday: 05/26

Occupation: master of Fox magic :D


questin' arts of me and the wife:D
also QUOTE ME for a reply! Thanks!
art by Xian Tai
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Sariah Rosuky
dog demon warrior Yumakai
SakaieUma Lei San
Iketahara Lei San
Iaka Unako
Akomi Unako
Arrow Unako
Kai Unako
Kami Unako
Koga Unako
Shema Lei
Ima Rosuky
Dog lord InuYasha

My lovely wife Sariah :D

my sister in-law and one of my best friend Roxy ^_^

My nieces and nephews (the triplets, ArieUma, Yumakai and SakaieUma)

my other niece Iketahara (the triplets' little sister)

another best friend of mine ^^ Iaka Unako

her oldest son arrow

the 6th born Kai

twins, Akomi and Kami

and that is supposed to be what i look like xD

koga, Iaka's husband

Ima, our oldest girl, and Shemas twin sister (younger)

Shema, our oldets son, and the first born, also Ima's older twin brother

InuYasha the brother in-law