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I am a 20 year old avid anime fan i enjoy the genre more then most things i am going to school for engineering and as such i never seem to get much sleep xD so i can be found around these parts just looking for something to do in between classes and the occasional nap there things can range from just a friendly chat to a Roleplay i happen to find fun in most things so dont be shy and come and say Hi! rhyming again i really need to put a cap on that



New character-

Name: Savaris Lugens Aka. Silver
Race: Human (Soulless)
Hair color:Gray/Silver
Eye color: Icy Blue
Height: 6'0
Occupation: Soldier (Rank-Captain)
Bio: a product of magical experimenting Savaris had his soul bound to a small crystal the owner of which could bend his will to their own after his success the program was extended to other soldiers and Savaris was sold to the highest bidder an amazingly efficent killer with the ability to dominate the minds of creatures with a pack mentality as such he has 3 Dire Wolves that he uses to hunt his prey and corner them so that he can kill them with his bare hands he is also a skilled swordsman and is famously nicknamed "Silver" for his hair and his habit of dressing in Gray's and blue's and his cold personality

Character 5 (RWBY Rp exclusive)

Name:Gin Riozumi
Hair color:Orange
Eye Color: Yellow
Weapon biggrin ust interface Gauntlets
Bio:An energetic youth and student at Beacon Academy Gin has trained hard to enroll in this prestigious school to become a hunter his unique semblance allows him to shape dust stored in his gauntlets to form whatever he may need hes fast on his feet but easily angered which has come to be quite a problem as he has been known to cause quite a mess when he lets his abilities go haywire (information is kept short and simple to allow for story developments)

Roleplay character #1

Character 1-
Name:Suzaku Houzuki
race: Human
Age: 16
Hair color: black
Eye color: black
Height: 5'8
Abilities:Fire magic
Bio:born to a very strict family Suzaku began his Exorcist training at the age of 5 learning to use soul force an ability that enhances the physical abilities of the users as well as grants them spirit vision the ability to see the hidden monsters and demons that inhabit the world he began to work as an Exorcist at the age of 13 obtaining the sword of blue flames Sinotoshi from his father as a gift for coming so far he travels the world destroying demons as well as going to High-school in Japan.

(information is kept vague to allow for plot developments this goes for all characters posted)

Roleplay Character #2

Character 2-
Name:Minato Yagami
Hair color:White
Eye color: pale blue/crimson when angered
height: 6'0
Occupation: N/A
Weapons: Twin pistols
Abilities: Dominance
Bio: Minato having been left to die by his family for being infected with the vampire "disease" the boy wandered the world for many years gaining a reputation as a hell-raiser he eventually found a place where he could stay in the form of a group of people like him who had formed a family to protect one another as an act of repentance for his days of killing innocents he branded himself with the word's "Forever in Darkness seeking the light" in the form of a Tattoo written in Japanese characters on his chest

Character 3

Character 3-
Name: Edward Mayson
Race: Human
Age: 24
Hair color: Blonde (dyed brown when in hiding)
Eye color: Blue (altered when in hiding)
Height: 6'1
Occupation: Dragon Rider (fallen)
Weapon: Runeblade
Abilities: Minor magic
Bio: Edward was a member of the Dragon Rider's a group of elite swordsman who tamed dragons by binding their souls with the beasts during the War of Shade's the riders were hunted down by the demon kings army and put to death one at a time Edward's dragon Lumeria gave her life so that he may escape he now roams the country of Alendor searching for the child who will bring the dragon riders back from extinction the one who bears the dragon soul

Character 4

Character 4-
Name: Akira Senou
Race: Esper
Esper level: 4
Age: 19
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'10
Occupation: Soldier
Weapon: Needles
Abilities: Force Control
Bio: Striving to develop his Esper abilities Akira participated in several research projects allowing the scientists to inject drugs into his body which enhanced his powers greatly but had a great backlash on his sanity as well as his body the results being the destruction of the lab an Akira's capture by the military and his forced service as a weapon he obeys only because he needs the medicines they can provide him to stop his body from destroying itself whenever he uses his ability and so he serves the countries government as one of their most destructive weapons