Me, Myself, and I

Facts about ME:
*I'm a boy.
*I love to draw.
*Some people say I'm very good at drawing manga.
*Personally I think no one is good at art.
*I have 1 brother that plays on gaia. (yup, he's a noob)
*My favorite color is blood red.
*I hate: People who think they are better than everyone else and rasim.
*I don't mind doing every once and a while: Replying to PMs, Using emotes, going to school.
*I like: Anime, Manga, Drawing, Gaiaonline, BK(Batin Kaitos), BKO(Batin Kaitos Origins)
*I have: A life outside of Gaiaonline, A DS, a gamecube.

*Mangas I have read:
- Naruto
- Yuyu Hakusho
- Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
- Hikaru No Go
- Inuyasha
- Muhyo and Roji:BSI

Animes I have watched:
- Death note
- Naruto
- Inuyasha
- Full metal alchemist
- And more

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angel_of_fate5 Report | 04/14/2008 9:53 pm
it's a given that lots of people voted for Naruto , but Bobobo-Bo-Bo-Bobo is the shiznit!
MADxxasxaHATTER Report | 02/24/2008 12:01 pm
you don't LOOK very hacked... =_=

but hey, they prolly took all yer gold 'n stuff. and changed your password. what's it like being hacked? oh, wait... you're not gonna see this message, are you? =_=

damn. oh well!



Youre my sunshine Report | 02/23/2008 11:26 am
Youre my sunshine
poor thing.

you just got hacked,

and now gaia is going to ban you,

please don't come crying to the GD once you do.
MADxxasxaHATTER Report | 02/08/2008 12:44 pm

no, i got that idea because my friend 'says' that she hates manga, but! She likes it. She's tried drawing it in her notebook for "STUDYING". And, she's read manga before. And liked it. She's terrible at lying.


Zomg, how are you?

i decided to post at your bar.

was i missed?

heh, i guess not.





i had something really INTERESTING to tell you!

but i forgot what it was!!

is was something...

on gaia...

that's something...

to do with something...

but, i could be wrong.


next subject:


do you have one?
MADxxasxaHATTER Report | 02/07/2008 12:50 pm
if it's so freaky, then why do you keep coming back to it?

you just can't stay away from the happy-happy-happyness happy profile.

i knew you were a nice person at heart.

i mean,

i would NEVER give ANYTHING to a hobo.

apart from if i ever hold a hobo party.

at the end of every party, you get something.

bithdays; party bags.

weddings; cake.

hobo party; an instrument.

i bet you wish you were a hobo now.

you get your very own



oh yeah, so, your holiday.


must've sucked.

actually, no.

as long as there's still paper, a pencil and a rubber within my hands reach

i will not be bored.

but if i don't have that

then i'll read manga.


but, it might be different for you!

i mean, like, some people don't like manga, but like... books.

and some people HATE art, but love... Cleaning.

are you

one of those people?

the peoples who love cleaning and hate manga?



i mean,


i won't




you if you ARE one of those people


but, i will


dislike you


quite alot. ^_^

MADxxasxaHATTER Report | 02/06/2008 12:04 pm


dude, are you dead or something?

nah, pro'lly not.

i bet your on holiday or something.


i want a holiday!

stupid school.


so, how's your holiday goin'?

If a guy comes up to you and begs for money

then kick him.

if they want money

they should've stayed at school

to get real jobs.

hm, does this make me a hypocryte?

i said that school SUCKED


i just said that homeless people should stay in school.

what to do, what to do.

oh yeah, apparently i was decapitated in one of my past lives.

and another one committed suicide.



'kay, i'm getting bored.

have fun on your holiday, then.

damn you.
MADxxasxaHATTER Report | 01/25/2008 12:47 pm

i see.

isn't it.

isn't it.

isn't it.

isn't it.

isn't it.

isn't it.


MADxxasxaHATTER Report | 01/24/2008 10:24 am
woah, you commented my profile. that scared me for a bit. O_O

1.If you had a million dollars (american) what would you do with it?

--Save it. ^_^

2. Why do you think I am so bored?

--...because... i... don't know? ><

3. Why aren't you posting?

--because... i... don't know? ><

4. What do YOU do when you're as bored as I am?

--doodle. ^_^

5. ................. I ish questionless for number 5. Just type 12345 for this part of the quiz.

snakehounds34 Report | 01/19/2008 5:42 pm
x-misa-x-chan-x Report | 01/05/2008 6:36 am
cool, linkin park.