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> 19
> bisexual
> wiccan
> Canada
> swords, dragons, anime/manga, most fantasy
> freelance writer/poet/artist
> flute, hiking, fishing
> I eat noobs.
> DevArt Page
> The Mirror
> WoW :: Shadowsong server: Syrazel, Hanetsuki - both horde
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Roleplaying Character

Name: Sei'ren Kou
Age: appears to be around 19
Race: elven
Magic: well versed in freelance magic (doesn't use incantations normally, every spell she uses she's created) and specializes in using the wind and it's energies to create lightning, as well as using the condensation in air to create ice spells with devastating effects; also works to send the dead onto the next world
Weapons:Short Sword
Accessories: Amber studs leading up from her ear lobe, eyepatch with a binding curcle in silver on it - The ruby arcane scar over her right eye, usually hidden byb the eyepatch
Other: Possessed by the Daughter of the Wind, Fuuko, she experiences times during the New Moon where she doesn't remember a thing. This is when Fuuko awakens, transforms her completely, and does what she can in such a short time.
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The Other RPC

Name: Lilith
Age: Looks 20
Race: vampyre
Hobbies: relaxing with a book, drinking, hanging with her friends
Weapons: demon scimitar, 28" katana
Magic: none
Profession: retired pirate
Other: is better known as the Pepsi King.
Appearance: Lilith

Normal RPC
Name: Sei
Age: 18
Race: human
Hobbies: walking around duringthe evening, sleeping during classes, listening to music
Favourite Class: study hall
Favourite Food/Drink: pepsi and chinese
Other: Spotted by Treize when she was in a spot of trouble, she found herself adopted by the rich boys father. Though that didn'tmean shehad a father and mother now...but atleast she had the older brother she had always wanted (ot that she'd admit it). Quiet and usually listening to her music, Sei gives off the appearance of being completely apathetic to the world, but in all actuality she cares deep down and is a dependable and strong person. She just doesn't get many chances to take charge and show it.
Appearance:SeiNormal SeiSchool

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Last time I spoke to you
Like always, never thought I'd lose you
You had become something that
Felt like it would be there forever
"I'm invincible," you'd say...

Never thought things would go this way
I guess I took for granted what we had
I wouldn't tell you what I wanted to say
And now I can't, you're gone where I can't reach you

And I feel myself falling up...

Reaching for a sky full of clouds
What did you think when you saw the sky
Standing beneath those peach trees?
When you were sent
Did you think about me, us?

Never knew your name, your face
Never shared a drink or two
Always bickering with you
Competing for the laughter
"Smart girl here..." you told me that once...

Never thought things would go this way
I never thought I'd have to tell you goodbye
Not that I got that chance either...
Thought you'd be there on the 'morrow

And I feel myself falling back to me...

Spread wings now and soaring high?
In one piece I hope...
Gods forbid your arm fell off and we'd use it as an epic...
You missed that joke...I meant to tell you
So I hope you hear it now

So here we are, us down here, you out there
Never thought things would go this way
But this way they came anyways
Life won't wait...you knew that, and so do we

And I feel myself slowly letting go...

Hear our goodbye...
Share our laughs...
Feel our love...
Rest in peace...
We'll catch you later

Dedicated to a very good friend who died in Iraq. To Peachiz, an undead rogue from my guild on the Shadowsong Server. never met him, didn't even know what he looked like, what he did for a living. But real life or not, he was a friend, a brother, a lover.

Rest in Peace, I'll catch you later.

Dream AVi
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Beyond Sunrise and Sunset

An End to Some Things is the Beginning of Others

...Fading like blue skies to the star Engulfed by autumn's flames...



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Synestra Ryiah

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nice avi...again...

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i like your layout................

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lol, your cooler than me. My main is only a 44 pal. Haven't been on long. But i am lovin it User Image

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WOW!!!!!!!!! love it !!! I play also on Sentinels (horde).

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well love ur aviS anyways u want to be friends?

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question y do u change ur avi almost every day and wat do u do wit all the stuff?


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